Young Goodman Brown: Puritanism Drama

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 Young Goodman Brown is a dark story made in puritanism times so the protagonist is an innocent man who begins his misfortune entering a forbidden forest where the puritan man faces an internal conflict: goodness vs evil in puritanism period and his faith is affecting by 3 important reasons: temptation of sin, corruption and hypocrisy.

“Puritanism ruled the 16th century, normally people were religious and have good values, however practising immorality and make sins were severed punished”, (History, 2009). in the short story Young Goodman Brown has a date with the king of Hell, that is the main square of the loss his faith was to fall into the temptation of sin, what a wretch am I, to leave her on such an errand! (Hawthorne, 1835, p.1), he knows that journey could be his misfortune, so his wife suggests him do not go, nevertheless he was in the forest and the beast achieve to persuade Young Goodman Brown.

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I helped your grandfather, the constable, when he lashed the Quaker woman so smartly through the streets of Salem (Hawthorne, 1835, p.2), the author mentions corruption, because Goodman Brown comes from a family with good principles, first the protagonist speaks to the fallen angel that his father never goes with someone like practice wickedness, “the surprise occurs when Satan claims to him that he helped his father, that cause Brown feels in shock” (Wilczynski, 1987), and also the beast refers some member of church and General Court have shared a communion with him.

The last reason that the protagonist loses his faith is calling hypocrisy, “What God doth the wizard pray to?” (Hawthorne, 1835, p. 9), Brown qualifies the Old Deacon Gookin like a Two-faced person, on the one hand Goodkin follows the demon and on the other hand he gives a worship God, nevertheless Goodman Brown is a fake person, as he entered in a forest that he knows that he can met the devil, after the black mass, when he wakes up Youngman Brown criticizes others in Salem Village.

In conclusion, the main cause that the puritan breaks and loses his faith is dependent it in people and not in a correct relation with God. First, he knows that can be dangerous the danger going to the forest; however, he goes an adventure in the forest. Second, corruption: Brown assumes good principles in his family had an unblemished reputation however they were friends with the devil and third the hypocrisy: the main character criticizes others to be two false, however Brown sinned before.  


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