Essays on Zika Virus

Zika Virus, Lyme Disease, And Influenza Characteristics

Zika Virus Lyme Disease Influenza The disease is limited to humans? No- It can be transmitted through mosquitos and when they bite you.  [1: Overview Zika Virus, 2019.] No- It can be transmitted through ticks. Yes- It is spread by human to human contact. [2: Influenza (Flu), 2020.] Limited to persistence in the environment? No-...
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Zika Virus: Influence Of Media On Public Perception

The Zika virus is transmitted through the Aedes mosquitoes however there’s been cases where the virus has been transmitted through sexual intercourse. This virus usually causes mild infections; it also includes some symptoms such as muscle pain, rash, itching all over the body and fevers which last to 2-7 days. However the Zika virus can...
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Zika Virus Vaccine

Since the rapid rise and spread of the Zika virus, search for a vaccine has ensued. While the virus causes mild symptoms in most, its association with severe birth defects in pregnant women, notably abnormal fetal brain development and microcephaly, to Guillain-Barré syndrome in adults (an autoimmune disorder that causes paralysis) has a vaccine imperative...
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