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We believe that translation is a key to communication. It’s about idea exchange, spreading knowledge, sharing experiences and mindsets. That’s what makes us passionate about translating. Every day, working on a new translation, we feel privileged to expand our ways of thinking, with an understanding of how people from different countries write and speak. Every time it’s a journey, a unique possibility to travel to another culture and share this experience. We don’t just love the translation, we are passionate about it. For all these years, it has grown from a hobby to a career, from a career to a mission. Doing translation every day, we understand that it’s more than just something we love doing. It’s a purpose of spreading information all over the world, bonding people and connecting ideas.

Who are We

Writix is an online academic platform, dedicated to spreading knowledge and expertise all over the world. When we created the company, we wanted to open possibilities for those who want to learn, and for those who have the expertise they want to share. That’s how the idea of creating a platform where students get academic help and writers profit from sharing their knowledge, was born. It all started out small, with a few writers and interested students but turned out to be a much bigger project than we expected.

From the day of our foundation, we received overwhelming support for our initiative. Every day talented authors send requests to join our platform to receive hundreds of orders from students from all world’s corners. It’s truly awesome.

Of course, taking into consideration the international popularity of the platform, we decided to expand our expertise abroad by launching a translating platform – EduTranslator. With many students interested in getting knowledge, limiting ourselves to one language just didn’t seem reasonable anymore. It was only logical to unite our passion for translating and educational work we’ve been doing on the platform in a project where students will get knowledge on different languages, and writers – spread their expertise all over the world.

We Provide Translation on Demand

From the day Writix was launched, we clearly knew that we want to give possibilities to both spread knowledge and receive it. That’s why we work with students who would like to get academic help from the experts of the particular field, and with essay authors who seek the opportunity to spread their knowledge and profit from that.

On EduTranslator, this principle stays the same, just on the bigger scale. Now we will spread knowledge all over the world not just using English but many other languages. It’s the new level of academic assistance that unites intelligence all over the world.

How does it work

If the teaching material is eligible for the service, a “Request translation” line appears at the bottom of the page of the specific teaching material. Whether or not a resource is available for translation depends on this criteria:

  1. It must be of direct use in class (only teaching materials and not reports or courses);
  2. Its licence must allow modifications and derived works. More details can be found at http://creativecommons.org/licenses;
  3. Submitters of the resource will have to provide an editable version of the resource when filling in the upload form.

A user requests a translation by selecting the language into which he/she wants the specific material to be translated.

We Encourage Cooperation

Our goal is to create a community of students and writers that help each other receive and spread knowledge all over the world. That’s why we are interested in building continuous relationships between platform users, creating a dedicated group, devoted to knowledge. At our end, we go above and beyond to make sure users are supported through every step of cooperation, solving any misunderstanding and rewarding long-term cooperations.

How to start

It’s simple – just fill out the form and you are free to place your order and contact translators. If you have any questions regarding the platform or a specific task, feel free to contact support. To take a look at our translations, take a look at EduTranslator platform.

Let’s share knowledge together.


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