Psychology Dissertation Ideas For A Successful Paper

Contemporary academic scholarship is profound and locating psychology dissertation topics that were not discussed before may be difficult. Though professors always check whether dissertation adds something new to existing research scope. Finding new aspects or perspectives in already covered dissertation topics results in scholars’ admiration and good possibilities for further development of academic career in chosen field.

Coming up with amazing psychology dissertation ideas is never easy, which is why it is always helpful when you can have a look at several examples that are both fresh and competitive. Remember that your college professors will always check whether your dissertation can add something to an already existing research on the topic. Therefore, finding new aspects or perspectives in something that has already been covered must be done by choosing amazing dissertation topics.

psychology dissertation topics

Social Psychology Dissertation Ideas

Developing several psychology research questions before choosing primary focus is a must. One should conduct some research and see whether topic has lacunae and appropriate research base.

  1. Players’ conformity in online computer games.
  2. Individualistic cultural environment’s impact on perception of social roles.
  3. Peer cliques role in social identity development.
  4. Cyberbullying for adolescents’ socio-psychological development.
  5. Cross-cultural friendship’s role in improved socialization.
  6. Cults as social constructs.
  7. Persuasion concept in social media advertising.
  8. Impact of unsuccessful intimate relationships on self-concept.
  9. Managerial influence on employees’ self-efficacy.
  10. Globalization’s effect on commitment in relationships.


Research Aim: Modern globalized world and increased possibility to develop new social ties reduces people’s desire to dedicate time and efforts while building relationships. Primary dissertation purpose will be investigating whether passion is more preferable for romantic relationships than next step – commitment.

Clinical Psychology Thesis Ideas

The field of clinical psychology aims to approach patients in clinical settings with an aim to identify mental, emotional, or behavioural problems. It focuses on observation, conversations, various tests, and diagnosis with the help of available tools. Related topics will usually represent certain conditions that will have a cause-and-effect approach, considering the limitations of clinical settings. Clinical Psychology dissertation ideas may include anything from autistic children to nursing preparation procedures.

  1. ADHD treatment methods and theories during Covid-19 restrictions.
  2. Irregular sleep patterns among military veterans prevention.
  3. Impact of radiology on eating habits of the phase III cancer patients.
  4. Preparation of pre-school children for surgical procedures.
  5. Adult autism processing deficits during social distancing in the clinical settings.
  6. Preventative strategies’ effectiveness in avoidance depression risk factors.
  7. Anxiety disorders’ symptoms and their negative outcomes that affect personal life.
  8. Online therapy in contemporary high-tech environment.
  9. Recovery from alcohol addiction among refugees.
  10. Effective sleep disorders prevention in international students.
  11. Psychotherapy as component of eating disorder treatment.
  12. Assessing cognitive behavioral therapy use for dealing with criminal offenders.
  13. Adjustment to AIDS in a family member.
  14. Drug use addiction prevention in former military members.
  15. Therapeutic divorce mediation applied to parents for children’s psychological well-being.


Research Aim: Children are true victim of divorce process as they are torn between two people they love. Parents often forget about this while discussing other issues. The principal purpose of this dissertation is proving extremely harmful effect of inappropriate parents’ divorce procedure on children’s well-being.

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Forensic Psychology Dissertation Ideas

In basic terms, it studies clinical specialties through the prism of legal issues and related consequences. It aims to combine psychology and the law. As a rule, it is often quite challenging as it requires sufficient experience not only in psychology but also in legislation and criminal sciences. Ideas for psychology dissertation on forensics may include some psychological expertise to identify and prevent various crimes.

  1. The challenges of reporting child abuse and neglect.
  2. Legal protection of PTSD-affected refugees in a temporary immigration center.
  3. Police reporting of crimes by minor children: controversial aspects.
  4. Is media violence acceptable in society?
  5. Should screening for Antisocial Personality Disorder be made obligatory?
  6. Capital punishment as retribution concept.
  7. Cybercrime phenomenon and reasons for involvement.
  8. Juvenile offenders and related risk factors’ prevention.
  9. Stress as determining factor of force use by police.
  10. Intimate partner violence effect on victim’s personality.
  11. Stalking in social networks: Consequences and prevention.
  12. Neglect in child maltreatment: Advocating for criminal court charges.
  13. Child sexual abuse prevention.
  14. Intelligence’s impact on conducted crimes.
  15. Poverty and injustice serve as key factors that predetermine growing crime rates.


Research Aim: Quantitative study is needed here. Many facts from many countries’ data need to be gathered. Chief purpose for doing this research will be proving injustice and poverty the main causes of crime growth and advocating for policy changes.

Sport Psychology Thesis Ideas

Sport psychology dissertation ideas revolve around all the peculiarities of athletes that may range from training sessions, dealing with the victory or loss, traumas, and injuries processing, mental issues faced by the athletes, and more. These topics are often studied by students who are actively involved in sports, which is why it is always interesting and innovative as new scientific methods are explored. Professional writers possess needed access and request to buy dissertations from them will result in a properly supported research manuscript.

  1. Justification of violent training sessions and bullying in sports.
  2. PTSD as a result of peer pressure in team sports.
  3. Substance abuse among athletes as a way to reduce the pain.
  4. Dealing with the loss: from yoga to social work practices.
  5. Competing in international sports: visual individuality.
  6. Emotional control in achieving success in big sport.
  7. Decreased procrastination as physical activity outcome.
  8. Reduced recovery time after injury: Effective techniques.
  9. Female vs male athletes: Coaching peculiarities.
  10. Coping techniques for injured sportsmen.
  11. Coaches’ cooperation with parents as prerequisite of a sportsman with big potential.
  12. Depression among retired sportsmen: Coping techniques.
  13. Negative results of rivalry among one-team players: Psychological and behavioral outcomes.
  14. Talent as determining aspect of a sportsman’s popularity?
  15. Longing for victory as primary cause of drug addiction development in sportsmen.


Research Aim: Drug use is notable problem in world of big sport. Leading purpose of research would be identifying primary causes that force sportsmen put their health and career at risk as well as preventing measures.

Cognitive Psychology Dissertation Ideas

This branch of psychology focuses on the human perception of information, sounds, objects, and ideas. Starting with the basic cognition skills, it constantly studies various case studies to determine how cognitive skills may either improve or decrease in certain settings. It is one of the most interesting fields of psychology that can be applied almost to every situation or sample social group.

  1. Using arts to help mental health patients develop better cognitive skills.
  2. The use of AI-powered tools to treat dyslexia.
  3. Cerebral palsy patients and drama classes as a way of cognitive development.
  4. Social distancing and the decrease of physical bonds: prognosis.
  5. The relationship between music and homework: how it helps to stimulate student’s brains for efficient studies.
  6. Multilingual environment’s impact on language acquisition.
  7. Altered reasoning as changed social environment result.
  8. Constant exposure to computers on proper attentions’ development.
  9. Mood’s involvement in language use.
  10. Developing divided attention.
  11. Multitasking among students: Academic performance perspective.
  12. Emotions in maintaining attention.
  13. Cultural differences in mental processes.
  14. Will semantic memory become rudimentary in modern information-saturated world?
  15. Internet use and emerging redundancy of long-term memory.


Research Aim: People nowadays do not have the necessity to memorize facts and data. They can always check what is needed using their computers and smartphones. Essential purpose of such study would be revealing negative effect of Internet use on human memory.

Developmental Psychology Dissertation Ideas

It is often dealing with young people since it studies the reasons why human beings change as they grow older. For quite a long time it has studied infants and children, yet has gone further to focus on adolescents and the older generation. You can always move further and focus on educational psychology dissertation ideas by comparing different cultures and countries’ learning styles, which is acceptable in many universities.

  1. Scouting as a way to help children overcome their fears and phobias.
  2. The challenges of online learning through the prism of distorted social interactions.
  3. Child development stages of pre-schoolers vs American peers.
  4. Interaction of older and younger generations in society: how the cultural legacy relation works.
  5. Mental developmental in rural areas vs urban development: analysis of available skills.
  6. Peculiarities of identified developmental delays children.
  7. Sigmund Freud’s psychosexual development theory relevance in modern world.
  8. Cultural environment’s influence on conventional moral reasoning in adolescents.
  9. Equality of microsystem and macrosystem factors in a child’s development.
  10. Tendency to join peer groups as embodiment of evolutionary perspective.
  11. Meaningful relationships as determining component in developmental deviations.
  12. Innate and environmental influence comparison on person’s development.
  13. Western girls’ physical maturation peculiarities as compared to Eastern ones.
  14. Gist memory’s development: Longitudinal study.
  15. Autonomy development’s shift to later developmental stages.


Research Aim: Concept of emerging adulthood shifted its ending of adolescence to 25. Many people do not obtain autonomy until that age, focusing on seeking self-identity and realization. Main purpose to study this phenomenon features is to learn external factors that altered developmental perspective.

Evolutionary Psychology Thesis Ideas

In simple terms, evolutionary psychology studies human behaviours, thoughts, emotions, and actions through the prism of evolutionary biology. It focuses on various assumptions, yet such topics should not be static because one must explore physical and psychological predispositions. In a certain sense, this field is close to historical studies. Looking for ideas for dissertation topics in psychology dealing with evolutionary processes, compare several decades in terms of psychological differences.

  1. How technology sets us back: developmental stagnation or advancement?
  2. Perceptions of race by people through the prism of the BLM movement.
  3. The moral aspect of reciprocal altruism.
  4. Does sculpturing one’s body affects the mental skills and individual behaviour patterns of a person?
  5. Perception of beauty and happiness on social media in 2021.
  6. Infants’ developmental plasticity as evolutionary theory validity.
  7. Prolonged adolescence as response to complexity of human society.
  8. Overview of children’s preferences in plays as preparation for societal roles.
  9. Individualistic-oriented behavioral strategies in Western societies as context-dependent phenomena.
  10. Reasons for rebuttal of human evolution strictly genetic view.
  11. Historical perspective on developmental explanations.
  12. Environmental, cultural, and genetic factors’ unity in forming specific patterns of children’s behavior.
  13. Physiological ontogenetic adaptations in early stages of human development.
  14. Prosocial perspective in collectivistic countries.
  15. Human intelligence as complex social environment.


Research Aim: Only human beings among all other species have extremely complex social structure. Nowadays it became even more complicated than earlier. Technological progress proves the development of human intelligence, thus, correlation between these two aspects of evolution is primary study focus.

Abnormal Psychology Dissertation

One of the most popular subjects in Psychology. It deals with psychopathologies and abnormal behaviour patterns. When you are dealing with mental disorders, it does not necessarily make it abnormal psychology because “abnormal” stands for those cases when something has already been identified with the help of clinical evidence. Psychology dissertation ideas about mental health must explore childhood experience, prenatal exposures, stress, living conditions, and many other factors.

  1. Screening techniques of antisocial personality disorder.
  2. Borderline personality disorder: childhood trauma or genetic malfunction?
  3. Prevention of phobias: Covid-19 controversies in society.
  4. Behavioural vs psychological symptoms in seasonal affective disorder.
  5. Depression and anxiety during the post-natal period: conversational help methods.
  6. Cultural variations in moral behaviors.
  7. Moral implications of prosecuting deviant persons from historical perspective.
  8. Biological explanations for behavior in abnormal psychology field.
  9. Overcoming Id: Whether Superego indeed dominates human personality?
  10. Deviant behavior associated with mental illnesses’ absence.
  11. Advantages and disadvantages of combining behavioral, medical, and cognitive perspectives in seek for treatment.
  12. Abnormal behavior genetic causal factors.
  13. Obsessive-compulsive syndrome as reaction to unrealistic expectations that harm personality.
  14. Radical biological abnormality treatment.
  15. Humanistic therapy approach in treating patients: Future prospects.


Research Aim: Tendency of treating patients as people rather than human beings with problems is therapy’s central idea. Purpose for covering topic lies in potential benefits associated with increased connection between patient and therapist.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

This field would be particularly interesting for students who already have working experience. Though if you are busy at work, your mind may be overwhelmed with this desire: “I need to pay someone to write my dissertation while I cope with all assigned tasks”. Choosing someone who has similar experience to write dissertation on Industrial Psychology topic would be good idea.

  1. Why workplace abuse reporting is not common among Brits?
  2. Mental traumas caused by improper leadership styles and related deficits.
  3. Children’s labour in Northern Ireland: does it help to develop more responsible personalities?
  4. Learning disabilities and negative stigma in our society.
  5. Bias in hiring promotion: ethical and legal issues.
  6. Leadership effective development and related interventions on students in IT sphere.
  7. Training effectiveness improving techniques: Engaging and non-engaging approaches.
  8. Negative consequences associated with conscientiousness.
  9. Developmental disabilities’ challenge on workplace.
  10. Prevention of intimidation through awareness increase.
  11. Utilizing social apps: Increase employment among students.
  12. Volunteers’ satisfaction rate increase solutions.
  13. Personal psychological outcomes upon contract breach or violation.
  14. Information overload on work achievements.
  15. Longitudinal study on correlation between exploitation on workplace and work implementation.


Research Aim: Sexual harassment issue undoubtedly affects victim’s psychological well-being. Sometimes people cannot change their workplace and continue their exposure to stressful factor. Main research purpose is to review consequences of sexual abuse on work performance.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Ideas

As you might know, Extended Project Qualification writing stands for qualification writing taken by students in and Wales. Passing it successfully means that you already receive 50% (or 28 UCAS points) of an A level. You must show your ability to approach high workloads and work independently. Numerous universities and organisations look for the presence of EPQ qualification, which is why explore some EPQ psychology ideas.

  1. Why do autistic children often outperform peers without this mental issue?
  2. Do home-schooled individuals remain motivated for teamwork?
  3. The reasons why pre-school children embrace technology so eagerly.
  4. The use of historical films as a way to improve perception skills of the cultural past.
  5. The neuroscience and human perception of light and sound.
  6. Did Nazis build secret bases in Antarctica?
  7. Should capital punishment be applied to all serial killers?
  8. Should the smartphones’ use be restricted in schools?
  9. What strategic improvements are needed to clear the Earth’s orbit from junk?
  10. Was automobile invention the greatest threat to ecology?
  11. Should cybersecurity basic principles be taught in schools on obligatory basis?
  12. Should humanity refrain from fast food?
  13. How will SpaceX conquer space and nearby planets?
  14. Why do adolescents confront their parents so often?.
  15. Is good academic performance guarantees prosperous future or good career?


Research Aim: Students are often afraid of pursuing their true vocation while focusing on studies. This EPQ’s purpose is to demonstrate that multiple opportunities exist and changes are worth trying.

The Psychology of Personality Dissertation Topics

Psychology of personality focuses on the ways how human beings develop and shape their personal skills that make them stand out. For example, students may explore how the environment or cultural backgrounds help to shape one’s personality.

  1. The link between Schizophrenia and creativity skills.
  2. Do boarding schools help to create more responsible personalities?
  3. Why personality tests that are currently used and no more efficient?
  4. College loneliness phenomenon: why do group projects do not help?
  5. Shaping personality with the help of AI tools: pros and cons.
  6. Do Montesorri schools help to create more responsible personalities?
  7. Parental involvement vs school in personality shaping.
  8. Suppression of personality and PTSD in the military environment.
  9. How does media seem to distort types of successful personalities.
  10. way: what does it mean to be?

Covid-19 Dissertation Topics

The pandemic times and remote learning has forced students to focus on Covid-19 since this topic seems to be everywhere. Writing a Covid-19 dissertation, it is necessary to show due respect and do not forget about NHS heroes who work day and night as they provide all kinds of physical and mental help.

  1. PTSD increase and Covid-19.
  2. How do children perceive social distancing life?
  3. Online scouting activities as a way to improve cognitive skills.
  4. Treatment of mental health patients and Covid-19 isolation.
  5. Vaccination phobias: the most common causes.
  6. Exaggerated fears of Covid-19 causes by the media.
  7. Mental recovery of Covid-19 patients.
  8. Stress and anxiety management in Covid-19 times.
  9. Dealing with a loss of a Covid-19 patient.
  10. Psychological effects of pandemic times on daily life.

Choosing good psychology dissertation topics is the first step towards success as you write your dissertation, yet it is the most important point. As it may take months or even several years for more complex projects, knowing your topic well will keep you motivated as it is laid out in a clear way. Fortunately, you can approach our skilled authors who have already written numerous dissertations and research manuscripts on various topics. It will be easy for them to help you come up with a great topic by assisting you from scratch. Even if you only need to find additional sources, come up with a good thesis statement, or proofread things, our dissertation writers are always there for you.


1. What Topics Can I Approach For My Psychology Dissertation?

You can approach any topics or scientific fields that are met in colleges and universities. It is possible to start with anything from Psychology and Law to Nursing and English Literature. If you do not see your topic above, contact us immediately and our experts will be ready to help you.

2. How to Choose Good Psychology Dissertation Topics?

Your topic must be narrowed down to something specific because it will make it easier to come up with a good thesis statement. You should choose something that inspires you because if you write a dissertation with passion, it will always show.