Macbeth: The Main Problem Analysis

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In the play Macbeth Written by William Shakespeare the will Macbeth has to overpower and succeed drives him to the destruction of his life. Throughout the full play Macbeth is going down in his mental state, further and further into insanity. The influential people in his life convince him of many of these bad decisions he makes throughout the play. Some of these influences include the three witches and their prophecies for Macbeth, the greed of Lady Macbeth wanting to be royalty, and finally Macbeths own fears, ambition and bad tries to control his future.

One of the initial influences on Macbeth’s actions were the three witches and their prophecies. The thoughts they put into Macbeths head began Macbeths quest for royalty. At the start of the play Macbeth is happy with the life that he lives and the job he has until the witches put these dreams into his head that he will be king. He then begins to contemplate murdering king Duncan. “If good, why do I yield to that suggestion, so the witches have stroked the fires of his ambition” Macbeth writes to Lady Macbeth. “They met me in the day of success; and I have learned by the perfect’s! report, they have more in them than mortal knowledge”. He clearly has great confidence in the witches’ words.

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Lady Macbeth has a huge place in her husband’s downfall. She is everything but modest and gentle like the normal female characters of this time. She is excited to see Macbeth as King and reminds him that is exactly what he wants as well “Art they afeard/ To be the same in thine own act and valour, / As thou art in desire?”

Evidentially Macbeth is very responsible for his own downfall. Macbeth could have just let the future play out exactly as it was supposed to and let fate happen. But as he saw that the plan of him becoming king was not going the way he wanted it to and the way he was told it would, his wife gave him the idea to murder King Duncan, Macbeth could have chosen not to follow through with this idea but he did.

To conclude, the influences underwriting to Macbeths’ downfall include his own determination to become King by murdering King Duncan, and Lady Macbeth who influenced him to commit such wicked acts through manipulation she develops over the course of the play. Finally, the last influence was the three witches’ prophecies which led Macbeth into thinking he was going to be king and have all the power very soon. Macbeth suffered a set back in life including the loss of money, family, social life and a good mental health. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth we can all see that Macbeth suffers from a downfall as he climbed the social ladder but didn’t achieve anything but loss.


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