Essays on Marketing

Marketing remains one of the most popular essay topics among British college students. As a rule, an essay on marketing these days may deal with SMM and explore social media platforms and influencers. Some other examples are related to digital marketing and the ways how logistics and advertisements aspects function. ... Regarding structure, it must be made clear right from the start about what your marketing essay researches. For example, if you want to focus on marketing methods in rural areas in Wales, it must be reflected in your introduction. See our free marketing essay sample to get inspired and learn the basics about how such essays must be structured to meet the highest academic writing standards in the UK.

Analysis of Basic Attributes and Personality Traits Required by Digital Marketing Profession

Introduction Digital technology has “shaken marketing at its core” with almost all of current marketing subsumed into some form of digital marketing across most businesses and industries (Wind & Mahajan, 2001). Digital marketing can be defined as the process of applying digital technologies to achieve marketing objectives. In order to stay competitive, companies need to...
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Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy: Case Study of ECOOPS

Marketing plan Marketing strategy is the comprehensive plan formulated particularly for achieving the marketing objectives of the organization. It provides the blueprint for attaining the marketing objectives. A marketing strategy is done by choosing the target market and gathering the marketing mix. Marketing strategy provides an organization an edge over its competitors and helps to...

Analysis of Factor Influencing Consumers’ Attitude towards Fashion Shopping Online

Literature survey The study aimed to examine the factor influence of consumers’ attitude towards purchasing fashion products online. The research model applying with respect of Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) is effectively used to achieve the purpose of this study. A total of 322 respondents were studied. The findings of the study were that female...

Marketing Strategy: Case Study of New Balance

The English born William J. Riley formed New Balance in 1906. At first, the focus of New Balance was on orthopedic items and specialized in arch supports. William Riley joined Arthur Hall in 1934, who sold services to individuals, for example police officers, who had work on their feet all day long. There was a...
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Investigation into the Relationship between Early Exposure and Brand Loyalty: Analysis of Influence of Childhood Memories

It has also been recognised there is an even greater reduction in adults’ abilities to recall memories under two years old, where the majority of individuals are unable to recall any (Josselyn & Frankland, 2012). This parallels the pre-verbal period when individuals are unable to communicate through language (Morrison & Conway, 2010). In Morrison and...
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