Martian Chronicles By Ray Bradbury: Reader's Review

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Have you ever cried over books when you read them? Have you worried about heroes the way you don’t even worry about yourself? Has it ever happened that you were worried so much as you had never been worried before in your life?

Reading books by Ray Bradbury, one involuntarily wonders at what your body is capable of. For example, I really cried over the pages from his Martian Chronicles.

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This book is a longing for outer space, and dystopia in the unusual definition of the word. Typically, such works tell of a courageous man who makes great discoveries for posterity. Before us is a hero and a rebel, who defied the forces of nature.

Everything is wrong in this book. Everything is completely wrong, and reading it, you involuntarily feel the bitterness and the awareness of the great writer and philosopher.

Firstly, his book is presented in the form of short stories that complement each other not with direct extensions of the storyline, but rather reveal the idea of ​​the colonization of Mars as a whole.

First, we see the indigenous inhabitants of Mars, beautiful and strange creatures. But has man ever stopped before his task? Missiles continue to fly onto the red planet until a person’s foot sets their feet firmly on the red planet. Bringing death to the Martians. From a simple virus that was never before known to the Ancient Race. A drama that does not compare with the farce that will occur later.

People who will rename other people’s rivers and rocks in their usual names. A planet that will only become a continuation of human thinking. How much bitterness is embedded in the enthusiastic words of one of the travelers of the Cosmos when he excitedly talks about how soon the head of the first colonists will sound here and the first eateries and restaurants will be built. Man overcomes Cosmos, meets with a foreign civilization, and watches its death. And all for what? In order to turn a beautiful planet, alien to history and culture, into the likeness of the Second Earth? Sad friends. It is very sad to realize this.

Secondly, the book itself is like a certain logical chain, which follows from one story to the second. The first visit of people, and unsuccessful contact. Then subsequent missiles, followed by the death of a Martian from an accidentally brought virus. Ray managed to weave into this story also the burning issue of contempt for alien races. He wrote a whole story in which blacks go to Mars for a new life. Where there will be no exploitation of a white person over others. You know, it’s even a shame to read it, understanding how right the thinker is. Speaking of tolerance for each other, however, we are the most impatient creatures on the entire planet.

Thirdly, one cannot help but admire the syllable of a writer who is able to please even the most severe critic. Here you will find both the simplicity of the syllable and the brevity of sentences. And the depth of the idea embedded in short stories. Here is the ability to present a thought that will be forced to develop further reading itself. Is not that great?

And finally. Ray has done so much for the spiritual development of man. He believed in space exploration. He believed that man would grow up to travel between stars. How insulting his words are that we could already conquer space, but instead we are learning to make prostheses for dogs, and are creating more and more different phones that differ from each other only in name and in the amount of money invested.

I miss this wise man. But we still have his legacy in the form of his short stories and collections of stories. In the form of his notes, and simply observations that can be found on the network.

The Martian Chronicles is one of the best books on space topics that raises the painful and acute issues of humanity. After all, while we do not even get along with each other, what kind of extraterrestrial contacts can we talk about? While we have eradicated war on our planets, how can we dream of new horizons and planets? And what can we bring there? Coca-Cola, and religious wars? Intolerance, and the thirst to redo everything in their own way?

We have a long way to grow up. And I believe that one day a person will actually mature for this. Just believe it.


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