Raymond's Run Versus Everything Is Going To Be Ok: Comparative Essay

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It might seem like “ Everything is going to be ok” and “Raymond’s are very different kinds of stories. They are both the same kind of story Realistic fiction they are both about kids that do not have many friends and have one thing that they love. Now if you look a little closer, both story have the same main reason protecting the thing they love the most. In both stories the author teach us sometimes you have to let something go.

In “ Everything is going to be ok” author show us that the boy want to keep the cat for himself and tells no one about it. In the beginning and in the middle of the story, the boy is try to protect the cat from his family/ bullies in fear that they might hurt the cat. At the end of the story, the boy lose the cat and feels that he was responsible for the cat’s death. Now the boy figure out the cat was in bad shape and like an old trier and need to rest. Then he reminded himself of the times he stood up for the cat and advocated, for the cat to keep away from harm. Instead of running away from reality and being a sad loner he becomes responsible for himself. That tells me that he will never be scared of the future and what happens next. The lesson was clear: that when you love something you are going to protect it from harm.In “ Raymond’s run” the author also show us that it is sometimes necessary to protect the thing you love to achieve success. In the beginning of the story, Squeaky show how protective she is over Raymond by pushing the people that hurt and make fun of him. In the middle of story, the she is acting like she is the best at everything but she is actually very lonely and has no friends. Squeaky put the people that care about her are but in a bad mood because she never notice in the end she ends up sad and alone but Raymond is alway there to make her feel better. At the end of the story, Squeaky, has figured out that she will always have a person to care for her and loves and that is fine because he protect him with all her heart. With the change of attitude she is still a little protective over Raymond but tries to make friends . An example of this is when she smiles at a girl and she becomes happy. The lesson in this story is clear,too: that when you love something you are going to protect it.

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Both of these stories teach us that when you love something you are going to protect it. “ Everything is going to be ok” is for kids, so it teaches you in a simple way. The author show us how it is possible to love something and protect but you are going to have to let go at one point. “ Raymond run” teaches us how you can make friends and still can a be protected-teaches us how to be good and have smile on your face. Squeaky needs to change the way she is over protect Raymond and she changes when she smiles at a girl. This is hard to do then putting a cat because it hamman only get on not like a cat that has nine lives. This lesson we can all learn is not to be overprotective.


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