Superman As A Man of Steel Reflection: Character Analysis

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In the 2013 action thriller Man of Steel, directed by Zach Snyder, a relatively harmless tale of Superman is filled with the hidden philosophies of Christian theology. With more than 75 years, our society has mistakenly worshipped him as a fictional icon, but unconsciously advocating Christian ideology. Superman’s history, and primarily his 2013 version, Man of Steel, is a representation of the tale of Christ. Brought up on the planet Krypton, Superman, previously called Kal-El, is being sent to Earth by his father, Jor-El, to rescue citizens. Jor-El often reaches so far as to claim that his son ‘will be a god to them’, in relation to mankind. Likewise, Jesus Christ has been assigned by his Christian God, His Father, to educate the citizens of the world and to redeem the citizens by sacrificing for their sins. Both individuals are beings that have been sent from the skies to Earth for the sole intention of ‘saving’ life on earth. When entering earth, both individuals are adopted by an adoptive human family. For Superman, he was adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent, two farmers who encountered him after his spacecraft had crashed into the field. They’re considered offering him his ‘earth name’, Clark Kent. Jesus, without a spacecraft, reached the universe by normal conception by his human mother Mary. However, Mary, the wife of Joseph, is said to have been a virgin chosen by the Lord and to raise his only son. It is important that both Superman and Jesus were born in a modest setting.

From a young age, both individuals have exhibited godlike or supernatural attributes. While Jesus did not conduct any of his most important miracles until his adulthood, he demonstrates a superior insight that can only be justified by the grace of God. Superman as a young boy is portrayed as doing a few miracles. One of them was the sinking of the bus, where Superman, recognized as Clark Kent, forced the bus out from the water and rescued the life of a dying tyrant. Superman is attempting to achieve this gesture of selflessness as quietly as possible as his human father, Jonathan demands that he hold his powers hidden until the time is appropriate. Jonathan assumes that Superman has a larger meaning on this planet, but he is wary that, out of ignorance, citizens will completely disregard Superman. He frequently states, ‘people are afraid of what they don’t understand’. The concept of fear-based discrimination is part of the narrative of Jesus. Jesus is mocked and eventually assassinated because they’re scared of him and what he’s capable of. Reminding Superman of his goal, Jor-El says, ‘you will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you; they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders’. In fact, Jor-El states that Superman’s strength and powers are motivated by the sun of the earth; Superman is electrically powered by light. Light, in the Bible, is a symbol of virtue, wisdom, justice, and, most notably, divinity.

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Throughout the movie, Superman’s association with light is highlighted to imply his holiness in the same way as Christ is typically represented with light. Clark Kent demonstrates a demeanor of a Chosen One as Superman. He protects lives several times, gives prosperity, safety and joy to his new home, and in several aspects fulfils the prophesy that Jor-El has laid out for him. In his many years of adventure, he held the burden of the world on his hands. Like other Chosen One, that often involves making the supreme sacrifice. The responsibility of the Chosen One is another thing that Superman is experiencing. As described above, he dedicated himself on numerous occasions, carried the whole world on his shoulders when necessary, and even carried the burden of his own people. The universe, the good and the poor, understands that the Kryptonian hero will always defend the planet and make him the object of countless confrontations with his biggest felons. To be a successful educator, we will strive to enhance the power of the Holy Spirit in our work by becoming more accurately the character of Jesus Christ and by developing His attributes. He asks us, as part of His mission, to follow His commandments. Jesus Christ has demonstrated this trait of obedience in His life because He has put aside His own will according to the work of the Father. The Lord tells us to obey His teachings faithfully to please others. We pray so we know what to do, make preparations to follow, and then behave with commitment and confidence, we demonstrate our desire to serve the Lord and do our part in building His kingdom. Developing modesty in our own lives will help us benefit about and transcend our flaws. We can illustrate faith in the Lord and belief in His words by obeying His commands and humbly loving those around us. By being more compassionate and modest, we will rely upon the Lord to be evident in our experiences and in our teachings. When you show this Christlike trait of patience, students will feel respected and appreciated, and you will call upon the Spirit to remain present in the learning cycle. Evolving Christlike characteristics allows us to think about the Savior and His qualities and then ‘analyze our values, priorities, tactics and correlate them with those of Jesus Christ’. If you strive to develop more deeply the Christlike attributes of compassion and loyalty, the presence of the Holy Spirit will grow in your life, teaching and learning, and you will sense the wisdom of the Lord dwelling upon you.

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