The Theme Of Change In Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

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Can anyone change, is change imminent, and does everybody need to change.

Charles Dickens was born in Landport, Hampshire, England on the 7th of February in 1812. He is known for writing a Christmas carol and Oliver twist. Dickens a Christmas carol reflected on his past life since his father was sent to debtors prison, In his lifetime dickens wrote 15 novels he also wrote a weekly journal for 20 years. In 1843 Charles Dickens wrote a Christmas carol and teamed up with John Leech (illustrator) to turn his writing to life. After visiting America and surviving a plane crash Charles Dickens endured a stroke on the 8th of June 1870, he died the day after that and rests at Rochester Cathedral. The theme is that anyone can change. This means that anyone is capable of change for the better or the worst. Anyone can change despite the way they acted previously, no matter their background, even if they didn’t want to change before.

Scrooge at the beginning of the story doesn’t show any hate or happiness for change he doesn’t do or say anything that suggests he believe people can’t change, however towards the end he changes and believes that anyone can change.` Good Spirit,’ he pursued, as down upon the ground he fell before it:’ Your nature intercedes for me, and pities me. Assure me that I yet may change these shadows you have shown me, by an altered life.’ This is when Scrooge is shown his grave by the ghost of the future telling Scrooge what will happen if he doesn’t change as soon as he comes back from his trip with the ghost of the future, he will be met with severe consequences. Here the ghosts of Christmas future’s silence are very important because if the ghost of the future present answered this question, Scrooge would have had no motivation to change. I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach. Oh, tell me I may sponge away the writing on this stone. In this quote Scrooge goes into detail about the ways he will change, he says he will honour Christmas, and use the lessons the 3 spirits have taught him. Since his only options are change or death. Understandably, he is all of a sudden pro-change. This also, in my opinion, the nicest scrooge has been to any ghost. Despite the fact, Scrooge could have been slightly stretching the truth granted a spirit just showed scrooge his gravestone, but he does do everything he says here and more. In conclusion, scrooge is not opposed to my ideas but does believe in change towards the end of the story.

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Scrooge becomes by saying different things and acting differently.

‘It’s I. Your uncle Scrooge. I have come to dinner. Will you let me in, Fred?’So this is when Scrooge comes to his nephew Fred’s house, scrooge previously hated him because he was a reminder of Fran his sister who died giving birth to him. Scrooge didn’t talk to his family or anyone he didn’t have to. Also, this scrooge would constantly decline his family’s invitation to Christmas dinners, and this year he said he would rather see Fred in hell first. After scrooge meets the 3 spirits he changes and does something he has never done before, eats at his nephew’s dinner.No, no,’ said Scrooge, ‘I am in earnest. Go and buy it, and tell them to bring it here, that I may give them the direction where to take it. Come back with the man, and I’ll give you a shilling. Come back with him in less than five minutes and I’ll give you half-a-crown.’Scrooge never really used his money, he didn’t use it to comfort himself, to heat his home or his counting-house, and definitely wouldn’t give it out to some random boy on the street. Even when 2 men came into his counting-house in stave 1 asking for food for the poor he said no. Additionally, he offered to increase the price if the child came faster. In conclusion, Scrooge is also changing by saying and doing different things.

My theme applies to scrooge’s transformation by showing you that no matter your background anyone can change.”Father is so much kinder than he used to be, that home’s like Heaven. He spoke so gently to me one dear night when I was going to bed, that I was not afraid to ask him once more if you might come home; and he said Yes, you should, and sent me in a coach to bring you. And you’re to be a man.’ said the child, opening her eyes,’ and are never to come back here; but first, we’re to be together all the Christmas long, and have the merriest time in all the world.”This when Scrooge was at his counting-house as a child he was his last year. His sister came to pick him because his father said he could come back from the boarding school he was living at. However, the only reason his father let him leave his boarding school was that he was getting to the age where he could begin to work and make money for the family. At the time scrooge didn’t know this but soon figured it out. Scrooge came from a background where he only needed home to be apprenticed and begin to work, which could be why scrooge in stave 1 only cared about business and money.“Scrooge never painted out Old Marley’s name. There it stood, years afterwards, above the warehouse door: Scrooge and Marley. The firm was known as Scrooge and Marley. Sometimes people new to the business called Scrooge Scrooge, and sometimes Marley, but he answered both names. It was all the same to him.”Scrooge was Marley’s only friend and partner, they built a strong relationship over the years and respected each other. However when he died Scrooge didn’t even bother with painting out scrooge’s name. This is very disrespectful to anyone but scrooge in a way was like a brother the Marley. In stave 1 Charles dickens writes” Scrooge was his sole executor, his sole administrator, his sole assign, his sole residuary legatee, his sole friend, and sole mourner.”How could someone so close to scrooge be so worthless when they died. An to add on top of that Scrooge didn’t even care if new customers called him Scrooge. Which makes his transformation in stave 5 so astounding because of how quickly he changed in stave 4 and 5. In conclusion, Anyone can change by acting differently and saying different things, no matter their background even if they are opposed to it at first. I believe that change is important in life and if you never try it you will regret it soon.


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