An Analysis Of The Character Of Cinderella

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Social Temprament

Cinderella had a strong and charming personality. She was compassionate and took good care of her step mother and sisters despite their terrible behavior towards her. She showed great care and consciousness towards the duties and tasks assigned to her by her step mother. Apart from being extremely beautiful, she was diligent, determined and optimist. She remained positive even in the hard times. She was carefree and despite being treated rudely, stayed calm and positive and never stopped hoping for a better future. She was sweet, strong-willed and a skillful young woman. Her kind and sweet nature made her win hearts of animals and birds. Her good heartedness and strong personality also made her win the heart of the prince. She never thought of revenge, although was treated very harshly and that made her step sisters be even more jealous of her. She was an intelligent girl. She never thought ill of someone and accepted the situation she was in. She showed love and kindness not only to human beings but also to animals. Birds liked her company.

Cinderella had a captivating personality which she did not let anyone shatter. No one could break her strong will and beautiful dreams. She cared for everyone.

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Strong Cognitive Abilities

Cinderella was good at learning and exploring new things. She had made a ball gown out of an old dress that belonged to her mother. She knew how to utilize the resources she had to create a perfect dress she dreamed of. When she came to know about the ball she believed it was destined to come. She wanted to attend it. She saw it as a great opportunity to get rid of her servant position. She did not receive any invitation and her sisters called her ‘dirty’ discouraging her to attend the ball. Cinderella was determined to go, and knew the solution to this problem. She made a confident move and went to the ball that changed her life for better. She solved a great problem in her life just by showing courage and thinking wisely. She even sewed ball gowns for her step sisters and curled their hair which shows how quick her learning was. She knew the solution to her problems and paved her way to a bright and optimist future. She had strong cognitive abilities which made her able to pave her way out of difficult situations. When Cinderella did not have a ride to go to the ball, her fairy god mother turned a pumpkin into a carriage, some lizards into footmen. This shows that if a person is thoughtful enough, he can easily overcome a difficult situation by using the resources he already has.

Effective Emotional and Behavioural Strategies

After the death of her father, Cinderella was ill treated by her cruel step mother and envious step sisters. They made her do the entire house work and clean up the mess they made. She spent her days groveling over her hands and knees, cleaning up the cinders, and dusting up the ashes from the fire place. They wore fine clothes and made her wear rags. They ate fine food and made her eat the leftovers. They slept on comfortable beds and made her sleep on straws. Despite all this torture and brutal behavior, Cinderella remained positive. She stayed away from all kind of negative thoughts. She never took her sisters rude comments seriously. Whenever they called her ugly she just ignored because she knew she was more beautiful than both of them. Her self confidence let her think positively and move away all the negative thoughts and discouraging comments made by her step mother and sisters. She halted the negative thoughts immediately, remained optimist and focused only on positives. She helped her sisters get ready to go to the ball. She knew how beautiful and important she was so any harsh comment did not affect her. She kept herself busy talking to animals and doing household works. Keeping a positive attitude kept her happy. She liked to dance and sing and keep all the negativity away from her peaceful, calm and cheerful personality.


Cinderella had high self esteem. She showed us how the purity of hearts triumphs over greed. She did not have nice clothes, expensive shoes or sparkling jewellery but she was confident in her own self. She might not have expensive jewellery to wear but she wore a crown of love, kindness and intelligence. She believed in herself and did not let her step mother or step sisters lower her confidence or worth. The real value of a person is his character, the kindness, love and care that she shows to other. Cinderella spent her days groveling on her hands and knees cleaning up the cinders, dusting up the ashes from the fire place and tidying up other people’s leftovers and nesses. These things did not affect her inner beauty. She was beautiful, kind, thoughtful, obedient, delicate, demure and humble. Whereas her sisters were slothful, vulgar and lazy which lead them to being lonely at the end. They were never confident in themselves and kept being envious of Cinderella. A person’s happiness depends on the amount of love he/she gives to themselves. Cinderella showed us that being confident in ourselves, believing in our worth is what we really need to do. Outer appearance should have nothing to do with our confidence. Being self confident allowed Cinderella to interact well with the people around her as well as the prince. It was a step towards a good and happy life. Self confidence is vital to ones happiness. If Cinderella did not feel good about herself she would not have felt good about anything around her.


After her father died, Cinderella had to live with her step mother lady Tremaine, and two step sisters, Anastasia and Drizella. She was continuously tormented and tortured by them but she maintained hope through her dreams and remained a kind gentle and sweet person. They treated her badly. Cinderella was made to sew new party gowns for her step mother and step sisters and curl their hair. They made her to do the entire house work. She was treated like a servant. Despite their rude behavior, Cinderella remained calm and positive towards them she did all the work they assigned her to do and never argued. She remained the sweet and peaceful girl that she was. She wore rags, ate scraps and cleaned the house all day. Cinderella luckily had a surprising relationship with animals. She would talk to them. Her cat frequently assured her by saying ‘Meow’ which Cinderella interpreted as ‘Cheer up You have something neither of your step sisters have and that is beauty.’ She interacted on a human level with all the animals in the house and yard. She feeded the cat some milk and chickens some corn while the mice stole some food and frightened her step sisters. The animals loved Cinderella. Cinderella has a strong relationship with her fairy god mother, a physical embodiment of hope who turned her dream to reality. She did not make Cinderella beautiful because she already was beautiful. She just made her realize how important she was and how magic was actually hidden inside her. All she needed to do was to find it.           


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