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Investigation into the Relationship between Early Exposure and Brand Loyalty: Analysis of Influence of Childhood Memories

It has also been recognised there is an even greater reduction in adults’ abilities to recall memories under two years old, where the majority of individuals are unable to recall any (Josselyn & Frankland, 2012). This parallels the pre-verbal period when individuals are unable to communicate through language (Morrison & Conway, 2010). In Morrison and...

Branding Strategy: Keys to Brand Success

Branding Strategy: Keys to Brand Success This essay will discuss why branding is important, and how a brand becomes well established. It will explore some of the key factors in maintaining the success once a brand has become well known, and will also take a look into the possible future of branding in years to...
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Destination Branding: Internship Report

Introduction Destination branding The idea of brands, brand images, and brand personality are well known concepts but their link to tourism and destinations is relatively new to certain people. Destinations need to be a brand to help their positioning and to create uniqueness to that place. Destination branding is an activity that is related to...
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Revealing The Meaning Of Nation Branding

Nation branding has not been an important segment in Republic of Moldova’s foreign policy for a long time, due to internal instability and inability of the political forces to agree on future path of the country. The split revolved around pro-Russian and pro-EU forces. Eventually, the European Union prevailed and throughout the last couple of...
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Importance Of Branding For Business

The publicizing practice of making a name, picture or plan that perceives and separates a thing from different items. (Rampton, 2019) A doable brand reasoning gives you a colossal edge in persistently strong markets. (Rampton, 2019) Yet, what certainly does ‘stepping’ mean? Essentially put, your image is your confirmation to your client. (Rampton, 2019) It...
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Assess Liabilities: Trademark

Research Paper Outline The entertainment industry is a group of sub-industries that strives to ‘entertain’ the consumers, which includes the fields of film, theater, dance, opera, music, television, radio, publishing, and fine arts. Therefore, because this industry embodies both business and economical scrutiny, it is apparent that all areas of law is involved including: trade...
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The Doctrine Of Exhaustion Of Trade Marks In Cambodia

The exhaustion of trademark means that the trademark owner’s intellectual property rights can’t control the distribution or resale of goods (WebFinance Inc, 2018). Cambodia is also a country which export and import many categories of products. The product that we have export are such as rice, beans, corns, clothes, and shoes. The product that we...
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Assignment Of Legal Aspects Of Business On Intellectual Property Rights

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Amity University; this report would not have been accomplished without their guidance. My sincerest gratitude goes to Ms. Jyoti Bharat Rangari, and who guided me with their dedicated attention, expertise and knowledge throughout the process of this report. I thank her for valuable guidance, her commitment,...
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The Importance Of Branding And Rebranding For Strategic Marketing

An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets (Kotler & Armstrong, 2019). In the article “The Importance of Branding and Rebranding for Strategic Marketing”, author Raluca-Dania Todor (2014) claims that in the technological era quality of the product is not the only factor for success. She highlights the importance of...
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Branding: Analysis Of “The Importance Of Branding And Rebranding For Strategic Marketing”, Author Raluca-Dania Todor

Does the high quality of a product guarantee success to the company? If yes, why some firms that produce high-quality products or services fail? In the article “The Importance of Branding and Rebranding for Strategic Marketing”, author Raluca-Dania Todor (2014) claims that in the technological era quality of the product is not the only factor...

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