Essays on Collective Bargaining

Climate Bargaining Game

Firstly, collective bargaining is that the process of negotiation during meetings between reps and their employer, often to enhance pay and conditions. The dialogue process allows workers to approach employers as a unified group. The aim of dialogue is to achieve an agreement between employers and workers. Members can contribute to discussions by rebuke their...
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Collective Bargaining: Magic Carpet Airlines

Magic Carpet airlines (MCA) was a regional airline that eventually grew to serve 18 cities by 1987, MCA purchased a smaller regional airline, known as River City Airlines (RCA), which at the same time had grown to 12 cities. Before both these companies came into a merger, problems surfaced between management and employees, therefore action...
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Collective Bargaining System: Denmark And Australia

Denmark and Australia are characterised as belonging to different varieties of capitalism as defined by the Varieties of Capitalism (VOC) approach (Hall & Soskice, 2001). The framework is able to make this distinction based on the problem solving behaviours of the countries in the 5 spheres of the VOC framework. For the purposes of this...
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