Critical Role Played By The Communication Skills In The Organizational Setting For The Managers In Implementing Strategies

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The capability of an individual to identify the behavior or personality of other fellows along with treating and handling them properly at the workplace is known as communication skills. It is one of the most significant skills that could be possessed by an individual for achieving success as it opens door to new arrays of information for the employee. Effective communication skills support the employee in conveying his ideas, beliefs, directions, and suggestions to other fellows in a positive manner to develop a proper relationship with them along with guiding them in the positive direction (Anderson et al., 2015). It is important to highlight the critical role played by the communication skills in the organizational setting for the managers in implementing strategies.

The thesis statement of the study is “Communication skills are critical to effectively implementing the strategy in workplaces” Strategies are the backbone of any business organization. No organization can achieve desired results or outcomes without positively implementing strategies. Strategies at the organization are mainly implemented by the management; however, its success is measured by the compliance of the same by the workforce (Cenere, 2015). Now, the main task underlying here is the development of a positive state of confidence and trust between the management and workforce so that the desired results from the strategy could be achieved.

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Communication skills play a critical role in this regard (Choren, 2015). If the management is owning appropriate communication skills, then they will not only able to clarify the required performance or activities completion to the employees, but they will also be able to encourage them for providing desired results. When the employees at the organization will be possessing good communication skills, then they will be able to coordinate with each other positively for gaining the required information to complete their tasks properly. Moreover, the communication skills will also develop a positive rapture between them that will be suitable for them in including all the possible factors in their decision-making criteria (Coffelt, Grauman & Smith, 2019). It will support them in making the best decision as per the pertaining strategy of the organization in the direction of desired results.

The communication skills will also promote the transfer of knowledge and learning between the employees that will be effective for them in implementing organizational strategies most effectively (Kinnick & Parton, 2005). They will also be able to identify the best course of action to benefit the organization in a great manner. The communication skill will also foster a social culture at the workplace where all the team members will make a uniform effort towards implementing an organizational strategy to achieve desired results (Lai, 2011). The implementation of a strategy requires a certain control from the management side for making sure that all the aspects of the strategy are being fulfilled positively. Otherwise, it is quite possible that the employees won’t be able to implement the strategy positively. Now, there is a certain issue existing at the organization in the form of various level of the hierarchy (Lai, 2011). These level of the hierarchy provides various principles and guidelines that becomes difficult for an employee to implement and often the employee is unable to implement the strategy positively.

Communication skills are the only way out in this kind of situations (Sutton, 2005). The communication skills deliver the organizational policies to the employees in an effective manner not only clarifying their job roles to them but also provides them with a certain pathway for consulting their seniors in case of any problem related to work or grievance (Choren, 2015). It also develops a two-way knowledge sharing process at the organization, where the employees feel comfortable in sharing their suggestions and feedback to the management resulting in figuring out the best solution for effectively implementing the strategy to achieve desired results.

Globalization has changed the aspects of business in a greater manner making it more fast and dynamic. It has become much mandatory for the organizations to keep revising and implementing new strategies at the workplace for competing for the rivals. Now, most of the new strategies implementation requires certain changes in the workplace. Change is something that often scares the employee up to a greater extent (Taneja, Sewell, & Odom, 2015). The employees feel unsecured due to the changes in the workplace causing trouble in implementing strategies effectively negatively affecting the organization. Lai (2011) also states that 70% of the organization are unable to implement strategies due to attitudes of employees and mismanagement.

Communication skills are the only source available to the organizations for getting out of such troubles. The communications skills benefit the management in delivering the positive side of the change positively to the employees making them realize the advantages of implementing the strategies for their job, career, and organization (Sutton, 2005). It also supports the management in motivating the employees for giving their best input for implementing strategies to achieve better results. The resistance from the employees towards the change can certainly reduce due to proper communication skills. It benefits the organization in gaining support from the employees positively engaging them to overreach the desired targets (Taneja, Sewell, & Odom, 2015). It supports the organization in modifying the attitude of the employees making them well informed which certainly have a better attitude than a less-informed employee.

Overall, communication skills play a critical role in the modern world where the organizations are facing a lot of competition and depending upon the employees for their success. There are various benefits achieved by the organization due to proper communication skills including improvement in productivity and profit (Anderson et al., 2015). It improves the knowledge sharing between the management and employees to boost the implementation of strategy at the workplace positively. If there are no appropriate communication skills implemented at the workplace, then the organization won’t be able to implement strategies positively. Moreover, they also won’t be able to deliver desired services or products to the customers reducing the business and profit of the organization marginally


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