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 One of the issues that I chose that is mostly debated here at our country not just in our country but also in the communities is the Petition of Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage, where it is a law that allows two members of LGBTQ or a same-sex to undergo the sacrament of matrimony. Many members of the LGBTQ community agree to enact this law that allows them to marry their significant others but this approval of the law is objected by the Catholic Church because they believe that the sacrament of matrimony must be participated only by men and women they added that The purpose of marriage is to have a family, kids, But if the couple is of the same sex, their child is the one who will suffer the most in this case, since it is not natural, but the LGBTQ community rebutted that they are also humans who are capable of being loved and to be the love they must be treated equally with man and women and they also believe that we live now on the 21st century already where we can freely express ourselves and our feelings as long as we are not hurting anybody also they believe that we are all humans who have the right to get the happiness and contentment that we deserve especially with their life partners. Not all the church leaders against this petition, some of them are in favor of this because they believe that life is short and happiness is something that each and every one should keep in hearts. They also believe that love is love regardless of their gender.

But after the deliberations in the court, this motion of appeal has dismissed in reconsideration of this law, because they failed to abide by the principle of the provisions in the Family Code that limit marriage to a man and woman only, and which is the basis of the Civil Registrar General in approving marriage licenses to straight couples only.

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I think that this dilemma reflects on the Habermas principle because the Government and the Church objected with the legalization of same-sex marriage which for the common good of every Filipinos. It’s not that our government and the church hates gays or asexual it’s just that they followed the amendments and the commandments that are promulgated to maintain the purity and the importance of the teachings of God. Just like Habermas’s principle of discourse ethics, discourse ethics established to seek us the basic principles for arriving at a consensual understanding of the good so that people of the shared world could live with each other.

In conclusion, I know as time goes by every member of the LGBTQ community will understand and accept the truth behind the objection of the legalization of Same-Sex Marriage. Same-sex marriage is objected or rejected to give every LGBTQ members enough understanding of the goof to which the community can subscribe. 


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