Impact Of Music Programs On Childhood Development

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Some people believe that the Music Programs should be beneficial for childhood development because music can keep children very interested and engaged. It is true that using music programs or benefits can avoid stress from children by learning to play or sing music that helps children to be relaxed. Music play is very important part of our culture. Music is present in a variety of social and educational activities. Music Programs also develop better communication for children. Furthermore, musical experiences in childhood can accelerate brain work, especially language acquisition and reading skills. Children who attend in musical lessons show great memory improvement, have big vocabulary and more reading skills. There are many beneficial Music Programs for childhood development that can improve public education: music can make kids smarter, teamwork benefit, toddlers music programs, music programs for young children (MYC), stress reducing and relieving programs.

According to Wendy Harries, children or kids who attend any Music Programs will be very smarter than children who didn’t attend music programs. In this article, Harries said about Rose who was 3 and her sister Lilian who was 9 months. Music was great part of their lives. Jill said that music is gigantic part of her life, gives concerts and playing the piano. Rose danced with her castanets. Rose Williams started that music program when she was 2 months. ”Music makes you smarter because it helps you understand yourself as a human being and your relationship to the world”, said Hodges in this article and I agree with that 100 per cent, because music really makes children smarter and intelligent.

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The second Music Program is teamwork benefit program that helps children too. In Susan Atteberry Smith article ” Teamwork benefits special needs kids in classroom”. Susan tells about 10 year old child Caleb Aley who has autism and needs a special program like teamwork program. According to Susan, that program is special program for that kind of children at Nixa’s High Pointe Elementary. Caleb has a gum that helps him to concentrate. That program includes communication with parents, other parents and teachers like a team that works together to help their children with teachers and doctors. So that program helps all special needing children like Caleb for their education including teamwork with parents, other parents and teachers. Music education includes teamwork skills and discipline too. Many music programs require teamwork as part of a band or orchestra. In this groups, students should learn how to work together and build camaraderie.

Toddler Music Program is a next beneficial program for childhood development. According to Laurie Berkner, who is a singer, songwriter and former preschool music teacher, when children get older and know how to express themselves, ”can boast an open mind”. Berkner said. ”Music is not just about being a good listener, it’s about being an active participant in music”. In this article, Berkner said that this program called ”steps to Art Leads to toddler” and includes preschool Arts education and helps to pay for Arts programs. The program includes 3 and 4 year-olds preschoolers too because they are at a very high creative age but out of many school systems and their art programs. Kids turn sounds into words, sentences and into paragraphs. Finally, Berkner said that kids or babies used only their parents’ voices and they don’t know another sounds except their parents sounds, because they are 5 years old. So this program helps babies and toddlers for their early education.

In this article ”Kids love playing with music ”, Hunter’s mother, Chris Young said that her son’s addiction to everything musical has grown since he started attending a music lesson at Do-Re-Mi. According to Chris Young, her son, who is a toddler, loves rolling, tapping, clapping and moving to a musical beat. Do-Re-Mi music lessons are a singing program, which includes children ages between 2 and 5. Children from 2 age, meet weekly at St Joseph School, Mundingburra, for 45 minute class, enjoy singing, moving, listening and playing any simple instruments. So that program is Toddler’s Music Program.

Another Music Program is a Music Program for Young Children (MYC). In this article ”Many benefits come from music for kids program”, Krista Rogers, who is a Music Teacher and associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music and has been teaching music for 12 years, said that MYC Program is a good music program. That program includes Sunrise program that is a program for 2-5 years old children with once a week for 10 weeks. There are many programs in that MYC Program for 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 years old children. Those programs are include to learn keyboard, singing, rhythm, music theory, composition and music history. Twice a year children must to play a recital, singing in ensemble and playing solo piano. Finally, Rogers said that she had two young children and they are in that prog ram too.

The next Music Program is Stress-Relieving program that is beneficial too. According to ”Casio Gifts Digital Pianos to UCLA Mindful Music Program: CGP-700 Digital Pianos Will Help Program in its Mission to Highlight the Stress-Relieving Benefits of Music”, Casio demonstrates that working with Mindful Music at the UCLA enables piano performances possible by donating digital pianos. This article said that music was associated with the relief of depression, anxiety, mood, emotional stress and even pain was perceived. The benefits of music are undeniable and Mindful Music shows the stressful power of music with performances by talented student musicians from UCLA Herb Albert School of Music. Ms Arakelian, who is a classical-trained pianist and musician, according to this article, founded the program after practising a grand piano in the back of the Semel Institute Auditorium. Casio donates for Mindful Music Three CGP-700 Compact Digital Pianos.

According to Janice Reade, benefits of music programs for young children (MYC) are reduce stress too. Those programs are very effective than resting or reading newspapers and magazines. Those programs include children who are ages 3-10. Classes include rhythm ensembles, singing with 4-6 children in groups, note-reading, theory of music and composition skills with techniques. So those programs are reduce stress from children.

So Music is a method of communication. It helps people express their opinions mentally or physically. Music also helps the people improve signals such as rhythm and melody. Music inflames all areas of a child development and school readiness skills, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, linguistic, and general literacy. In Conclusion, Music Programs should be beneficial because the music will make kids smarter, for Music Programs for young children (MYC), Teamwork benefit programs, Toddler Music programs, stress reducing and relieving programs. So those programs are very important programs for childhood development and music education. They will improve their education status and are beneficial in childhood development.

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