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People have been complaining that factories have sprung up everywhere and that working conditions are terrible, but they aren’t seeing all of the benefits that the Industrial Revolution is bringing us. It started with agricultural and textile manufacturing being done by machines, then a power revolution, steamships, and railroads. Products were able to be made and transported more efficiently because of the steam engine. The cost of the product became cheaper because of this. Even the United States government chipped in. They put tariffs on foreign steel so that people would use American-made steel for their projects. Conditions changed for workers so that they were able to get higher pay. Before the Industrial Revolution, most people were working on farms with low wages and harsh conditions. If you worked for a business, it was mostly better for you then working on a farm.

People may be complaining that factories are everywhere, but they haven’t seen the benefits of the products that have come from the Industrial Revolution. Some of these products include the sewing machine and the power loom, which revolutionized how textiles are made, the calculator, which made math calculations easier to do, anesthesia, so that when surgery was done, people didn’t have to endure the pain, and the steam engine and railroads, so that people and goods could get around faster. These inventions help us in our everyday life and help to kickstart the Industrial Revolution.

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People complaining about how things are so expensive don’t recognize the impact of the steam engine, roads, canals, and railways. These let goods and people move around cheaply and quickly. This let people and goods move around cheaply and quickly

“These ships have all been built in New-York, of the best materials, and are coppered and copper fastened. They are known to be remarkably fast sailers, and their accommodations for passengers are uncommonly extensive and commodious. They are all nearly new except the Pacific; she has been some years in the trade, but has been recently throughly examined, and is found to be perfectly sound in every respect.” Roads were opened to allow goods to go faster. Canals were also opened so that steamships and other boats were allowed to go through land to make products move faster.

People are saying that factory workers have terrible conditions, but they haven’t looked at how coal mining has improved because of the Industrial Revolution. Before the Industrial Revolution, coal mining was very dangerous. A person used to have to hold a torch when they walked through the coal mines to make sure that the air was clear of any dangerous gasses. Other jobs ranged from risky to suicidal. But in this time of industry, coal miners have carts that use steam power that move coal faster and more efficiently. Trains and steamboats can be used to get coal to its destination faster because of the invention of the steam engine.

In the end, the benefits of the Industrial Revolution far outweigh the bad things that people are saying about it, such as factories coming up and that working conditions are terrible for some people, especially coal miners. After you read this editorial, I want you to support the Industrial Revolution and the revolutionary changes that are because of it.


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