Essays on British History

Cinema History

Introduction In my essay of cinema history, I will be using “The Bells Go Down” (1943), as my chosen text. For this assignment, I will be studying and analysing this text in relation to the period that this film was created, the boundaries and limits that were set on this text, as well as acknowledging...
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History: More Evolutionary Than Revolutionary

history is more evolutionary than revolutionary Evolution and revolution being very similar, I will properly define what is an evolution and the differences it has with a revolution. An evolution is a global movement that changes the way things are and does so step by step, whereas a revolution can be led by a small...
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Overview Of Imperialism

Imperialism is when a nation extends its rule over foreign nations. In India, imperialism had started around 1509. The Indians had been imperialized by Portugal before took over. Over a hundred years later, around 1612, had imperialized. They had wanted to take control over India, and they wanted them to be as one group. The...
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