Essays on Rite of Passage

Rite Of Passage: Traditions Of Funerals In Maori Culture

Funerals are highly ritualized services that observe the passage of the deceased and Maori identity is said to be closely intertwined with funeral rituals and tangihanga mourning ceremonies (P. Sinclair 1990). When thinking of Western funeral rituals, the ideal way to mourn a loved one would be having the deceased in the casket within the...
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Rite Of Passage In Hamar Tribe

Out of all the tribes, the tribe that stood out most was the Hamar tribe. The Hamar Tribe is a group of people who originated from the Omo Valley, which extends to Lake Chew Bahir in Southwest Ethiopia. They speak the Hamar-Banna language. The Hamar people are a mixture of Caucasian and Negroid. They are...
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