Social Inequality: The Views Of Pope Francis And Of Human Rights Organization

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According to pope Francis, inequality is a logic cause of the society bad behaviors and its sequences through his quote ‘ inequalities are the roots of social evil’. social inequality is a common form of these inequalities. It is the wrong and unequal distribution of opportunities among the society layers or positions. because of its importance, there were a lot who tried to solve social inequalities and it being discussed till now to catch a complete progress in all aspects of the different positions of the society should contribute its progress, so an effective solution for this inequality should be found. social inequalities can be shown in public schools among students, different ages, sex and this is what we are going to address.

Sex inequality is delineated as differentiating between man and woman or boy and girl in positions or applying for jobs, rights, differences in biology, psychology, and cultural traditions. It also includes distinctions in education, careers, and political affiliations. For sorry this form of social inequality has been transformed from ethos to another by passing time.

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For sorry, the bad thoughts are considered the main cause for gender inequality as women are exposed daily and all over the world to a look that says, ‘ you cannot be except a house keeper and services provider’. on the other hand, it is believed that only men who can build a respective, high career and in any statues, they are the decision makers. People with bad mentalities believe that women are not able to handle any big foundations or important organizations till the women themselves became disappointed and believed that they are disabled. In addition, a lot of families do not care a lot about teaching their girls due to their wrong believes that boys only who will join high universities or gat a good job. In some cases, women be in need power or support, but no one motivate them, and this leads to disrupting their rights. In some tribes, especially African women marry early and deprived of education, which eliminates their personalities. As well, according to the biology, psychology of women they are sensitive more than men and this point is exploited by the surrounding community.

In order to get rid of this inequality, Human Rights Organization should spread awareness specially in these cruel costumes that violate woman rights and call the whole world in the name of woman who can do everything just if she is empowered to ‘motivate, help women to get the inequality and give them chance to show themselves, their essence’. Giving polite value for women work also can achieve the quality in workplace and this will enable women to use their high leadership, management abilities. Preventing the early marriage of girls, educating them will Contribute to preventing infringement of their rights.


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