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Project outline

The project ‘Tale of us’ gives us a chance to improvise and rejuvenate the already existing fashion brand Tale of Us. Sara Walker the senior executive of the brand hires a competent and visionary project management team to aggrandize the brand and boost its sales. Presently Tale of Us has no physical stores and survives only through online deals. Sara expects the team to organise a fashion event showcasing the latest summer 2019 collection introduced by her. The week-long fashion event has to be organised in 3 different countries across Europe (Amsterdam, Gdansk, Stockholm). The event significantly focuses on gaining market penetration across the whole of Europe, establishing a brand name and brand awareness among potential customers thereby improving the sales of the brand. The project management team has 5 members tirelessly working on improvising sales, maintaining documentation and legalities, managing and checking the event viability and feasibility. The team members focus on creating Tale of Us an internationally chosen platform for online shopping by applying Prince2 principles and themes to ensure optimum utilisation of resources, manage risks timely.

Early stages, project formation, and project objectives

We were a group of 5 individuals expected to arrange the style occasion in 3 nations. We dispensed our meetings in the main week and afterward, everything started. We thoroughly read the mandate to commence the task however truly, we were altogether befuddled of what precisely is to be finished. We had our first gathering where we acquainted one another and got to know each other better. We talked about every one of our fields of interest and partitioned our jobs likewise. We likewise read the mandate and had a go at making translations of what we comprehended.

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Moving ahead, the lectures and the slides made our concepts clear and we simultaneously started preparing for our Prince2 exam. The Prince2 principles helped us understand the theoretical and practical underpinning of the project clearly. We then started working on the project brief and articulating the project goals and objectives. We kept our project objectives SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bounded) because they help to measure the progress rate instantly and accurately. We decided to hold onto SMART objectives because we focused on quality products and attaining success in the long run. Objectives take you to your dream position. For us, strong and relevant objectives helped to attain incessant and perpetual success, accomplish our goals, and plan strategies significantly. We did not have to struggle at the rollout phase of the event because we were clear of our goals from the very initial stage.

Coping with uncertainties in project

Uncertainty is an inborn and inevitable part of any project. I was designated the undertaking project manager in the month of November. We confronted a lot of vulnerabilities in the underlying period of our task. We sat and finished our brief yet amid the survey we discovered that what we made was inaccurate. We needed to re-try the brief and set new objectives and task destinations. Be that as it may, we had next to no time left for Project Product Description. We began the PPD two days before the review date and afterward we needed to surge towards culmination. In all the disorder I somewhere realized our PPD was off by a long shot to flawlessness. I was in charge of the meetings yet the meetings were typically between 3 individuals on the grounds that the other 2 went to all around once in a while.

Initially, we decided to sell only 100 VIP tickets for the event but then later when we planned our budget, we went in loss because we sold only 100 tickets which were our only source of income. We had planned the entire event selling only 100 tickets in each city. Apparently, we had to change the plan and then we kept the event open for all. We collaborated with Eventbrite to sell our tickets and targeted at selling a maximum number of tickets which would yield us more profits. We also kept the ticket prices very low in our initial plan which did not work feasibly for us. So we increased the prices to match parallel to our project objectives. I feel we recognised some of the flaws well in time which worked for us and helped us achieve our long-term objectives.

Activities/ Allocation of tasks

Teamwork is significant in any group as it helps in human collaborations. Division of work in a group is essential because it enhances the efficiency of work and helps to reach the goals faster and accurately. ‘Two is always better than one. We divided the work according to our skillset and we made sure no one is forced to work on any area of disinterest.

We agreed upon the following roles:


We initially worked with this strategy and made sure all our documents are ready in time. But then as we started moving towards the end of the project the workload started increasing tremendously. We found that there were a lot of complexities and all our documents had some parts that were incomplete. This created tension and chaos and we for long could not figure the way out. Then we decided to distribute the documents according to our period of being project managers.

Sumaiyah : project brief

Riya : project product description

Yash: risk register and risk management strategy

Gaurang : project plan

Muath : business case

PID: all the group members (Muath did not take part)

Each of us got 1 document and we started working on our individual documents. However, documents like the project plan were very lengthy and were done by the other members also. We created a document on google drive to track the progress of each document. We had regular meetings to make sure everyone is on track and we discussed all our problem areas in the meeting and tried solving the problems of other group members if they are stuck. our colleagues ventured all through every other job aptly and in a minutes take note to help out each other.

What have you done as a project manager?

Team development

When we kicked off the project I honestly did not even have the slightest clue of ending it this swiftly. At the initial stage, everything seemed to blur and we could not figure out what to do. But as time passed we got a clear picture and we managed all the situations maturely. Our team has undoubtedly developed over the entire phase of the project. In the early stages, none of us had any experience of dealing with projects. However, 2 of us had organised fashion shows earlier which helped us in our journey. Because we lacked experience we came across a lot of hurdles but we learnt from all our mistakes and tried improving at every stage. We also faced problems in framing our budget and Gantt chart. We revised our budget thrice because it did not match up to our expectations and we strived hard to achieve perfection. There were times when things went down for all of us but did not lose hopes and strengthened each other throughout the thick and thin.   


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