Essays on Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great And Military Success

Introduction: Alexander III, son of Phillip II of Macedonia, known also as Alexander the Great due to his conquest of vast territories had an empire that spanned from modern-day Italy in the west to north-west India in the east and included modern-day Turkey, Iraq, Iran (also known as Persia), Afghanistan, Pakistan, and north-west India, among...
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Alexander The Great’s Positive Effects

Alexander the Great’s conquests in the third century BC had a meaningful positive effect on his time by developing trade routes, making a standard language spoken, prompting a significant change in religion and establishing the framework for new political structure, the unification of the Mediterranean also increased the slave trade. Through the opening of these...
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Why Alexander Was Called The Great

Why was Alexander the great such a great person? A lot of people might be asking the same question on how he got his name. I will be saying opinions on why he is so great and what he has done to get that title. Some of the things that made him such a great...
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Comparison Of Alexander The Great And Julius Caesar

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are two of the most powerful names in all of ancient history, leaders who both impacted their era and the future. “Alexander the Great… took the dynamic of glory, gain and conquest to unprecedented lengths” (Fox 222) and became “incomparably richer than anyone known in previous Greek history, [as]...

Comparing Leadership Styles: Alexander The Great, Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, Adolf Hitler

Introduction There are different types of leaders in the world who have different types of leadership styles. Not every leader is going to have the same leadership style because their areas of leadership requires the right approach for the situation. Effective leadership is based upon ideas but won’t happen unless those ideas can be communicated...
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