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Imagine soaring through the air feeling the wind hit your face and your feathers blowing in the wind, then you land and start talking? Yes, the African Grey parrot is such an amazing animal it can take flight and mimic sounds. This medium-sized parrot has become a captivating companion because of its intelligence and ability to mimic sounds, these birds are known as “The Einsteins of the Bird World”. They have a grey color with a bright red tail and intelligent-looking orange eyes. Also, the male’s feathers become darker with age, whereas the female has a pale grey crown. A life span of thirty-plus years, here is an interesting graph that shows the lifespan of the African grey parrot compared to other animals. Looking at this visual example the African grey parrot has an impressive lifespan compared to most animals, there are those with longer lifespans but 50 years isn’t too bad a life. The African grey parrots native region is western and central Africa as well as the southeastern Ivory Coast and Tanzania. Due to the bird’s social interaction, it is seen as an attention seeker and likes being involved and becomes a caring animal if neglected on the other hand it will not hesitate to show its anger when given the opportunity. The African bird is known for its intelligence and speech as it is able to mimic anything that it hears such as its owners whistling, soon after the African parrot will mimic this sounds and copy its owner to the exact rhythm. This is just a basic description of the bird on what the African Grey parrot is, currently the African grey parrot is endangered because of its intelligence and unique abilities as it is being poached and sold to the highest bidder.

The Disappearing Einsteins

In the 1990s the African Grey parrot was a common sight in the deep forests of Ghana, but a recent study in 2016 published a journal stating the popularity of these birds and how they are in high demand around the world as pets. Once the deep forests of Ghana were abundant with African grey parrots and now have become scarce with them. The major decline in these birds is due to the deforestation that is happening in their breeding grounds and homes as well as the pet trade industry as these birds are a hot commodity as entertaining household pets. Another contributing factor to the decline of the African grey parrot population is that these animals die mostly in transportation when poached so they don’t even make it to the final destination as around 90 percent of them die in transportation. These are the major issues which are leading the African grey parrot to extinction. A current solution to this issue is trying to stop poaching of these animals and have them released to the Ngamba Island In lake victoria to protect them as they are the single most heavily traded wild bird. According to Nigel Collar, of birdlife international “Gray Parrot populations in Ghana have declined catastrophically, and the species is now very rare across the country,”. As well since 1992 Ghana has lost 90 to 99 percent of its African grays. This is an extreme statistic to think that almost all African grays that use to flourish this area have completely disappeared.

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Finding a Permanent Solution

Eliminating trade is a proposal circulating among African grey parrot range states as this is an issue that is leading to the decline of this magnificent bird. This is a graphic example of the population of the African grays. This diagram is a visual example of the density of the population of African grays and the encounter rate. Although this diagram looks positive as it is slopping up but the encounter rate used to be four times greater but because of the decline they are rare in most regions where they use to dominate. Most countries have already banned the trade of African grey parrots but there are some still profiting from the exportation of the bird. As well as deforestation in areas of high wildlife population which include the African grey parrot and other animals are being protected with bans on destroying their homes. An interesting and I believe the most effective way to protect these birds would be to isolate them on a protected island with tons of resources as well as someone looking to take care of them as this would give them the greatest opportunity to thrive and comeback in the great numbers they use to be so that they become more than just a rare sighting.

One that Speaks All Voices

The African Grey parrot is definitely in demand because of its vocal abilities to mimic sounds, that’s also the reason it caught my interest as this is a unique and entertaining ability.

This elegant bird has become famous because of its ability to mimic not only words and sentences but also beeping sounds and much more which is truly impressive. The intelligence of this bird is said to be one of a five-year-old able to form full sentences which is why it leads all birds with its superior brain power. Research has also shown that as the African grey matures it is able to understand what it is saying which is really cool. The most famous example of the African grey parrot is Alex who was working with the university professor Dr. Irene Pepperberg, They worked together for 30 years learning the capabilities of the African grey. Unfortunately, in 2007 Alex passed as he died of arteriosclerosis which is the hardening of arteries. The Health of African grey parrots is not as great as they have been known to be deficient in vitamin A and D as well as calcium and affected by numerous diseases.

Animals bonds

African greys are open to bonding with humans, usually with one member of the family or specifically with one gender either male or female. This one person bond can occasionally lead to aggression towards others which is seen as protecting that one person or lashing out because of the lack of attention being received by that person. These eye-catching, good-natured birds make excellent companions and family pets for people with a lot of time as well as a social environment as these birds love to talk. When handled often, African greys are generally interactive and affectionate. They will often persistently solicit petting and head scratches. African greys are very playful and enjoy climbing and chewing. It is important to keep these smart birds busy, as boredom can lead to problems such as feather picking and screaming.

Providing non-toxic, commercially available wooden branches sold in most pet stores, as well as other parrot-safe toys that promote chewing. These birds require many hours of entertainment and exercise. African grey parrots are still in high demand because of their intelligence and voice but as you can see it is also a caring pet although some are more of a one-person relationship and may be aggressive to others they still make an interesting and entertaining pet.

Final Thoughts

The African grey parrot is one of the most interesting animals in the animal kingdom as it is the most intelligent bird in the world, they are an animal worth saving and after seeing all the information it is possible to save these animals if we choose to put our foot down. There are solutions to saving the African grey parrots and these solutions are being pursued. One solution is isolating them on a protected island or to stop the trade permanently and make a ban with high consequences. As well as coming down on poachers and making African greys more protected so that they aren’t easily accessible. In order to save the African greys, we need to stop demanding them as pets as that is a major issue because when they are in high demand, people will always try and poach to receive them and make the highest profit to fill the demand. As well the majority of African grey parrots die during this process of transportation. Combining all of our resources together we can make the forests of Ghana abundant with its impressive bird, it just takes willingness and sacrifice.

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