Book Report: Anne Of Green Gables

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  • Anne Shirley: Protagonist, red headed orphan, very intelligent, high spirited and talks a lot, sometimes she can be stubborn but determined, she imagines a lot of stuff , she is very self conscious of her red hair.
  • Marilla Cuthbert: Anne´s adoptive mother, she is Mathew´s sister, she is very strict and often cold and stren, but she cares deeply for Anne .
  • Mathew Cuthbert: Anne´s adoptive father and Marilla´s brother, he has a strange fear for women but he likes Anne very much, he is very shy and quiet, he also loves Anne in a special way.
  • Diana Berry: Anne´s best friend, she is kind and pretty, she is very loyal and she is very closet o Anne and become very tight during the hole story.
  • Gilbert Blythe: Anne´s classmate he teases Anne to talk to her and after many years of fighting wivh make Gilbert really sad, but then they become close friends and love each other very much.
  • Rachel Lynde:Anne´s neighbor, at first she dissaproves of Anne´s behavior , but then Mrs. Rachel lectures hre and educates her in a fine way, she lives with his husband Thomas, she knows what happens in the entire town and often gives her opinión when nobody asks for her opinión.
  • Mrs. Barry: Diana´s mother, she gives many rules and she is also very strict, that´s whhy she doesn´t like Anne but later she forgives her becose she saves her younger daughter Minnie.
  • Minnie May Barry: diana´s younger sister, she is saved by Anne.
  • Miss Muriel Stacy: Anne´s teacher, she is very likable, Anne admires her and lokks up to her as a role model.


It is a nice place called Avonlea ( Canada) , it is a nice, calm and beautiful place.

The story takes place in the late 1800´s where Anne and all her friends and family live and that´s where all the action takes place.

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Mathew and Marilla Cuthbert want to adopt a child ( boy), when Mathew goes up to the train station to pick up the orphan he sees that there was a mistake and they dropped off an orphan girl named: Anne Shirley, she is 11 she has quite an imagination and is very sensitive about her looks, she is very creative and loves Avonlea in every way ; however Marilla wanted to get rid of her because she was not a boy but Mathew makes a special bond with her and convinces Marilla to keep her.

Anne is very happy in Avonlea but has most of her problems with Mrs. Rachel and Gilbert whop isnults her by clling her carrots because of her hair.

After the years pass she becomes friends with Diana, they have many adventures together , but Anne also has adventures herself, one of them dying her hair Green, Anne goes many years having a happy life living with the Cuthberts and in Avonlea.

But years later Mathew, who had a very tight connection with Anne, dies, Anne goes to college to take care of Marilla who is going blind. (Anne mature a lot durig this period of time).

After a lot of years of learning and educating herself she becomes very happy and beleives that life will hold great happiness.

Main Event:

Anne was adopted by Mathew and Marilla Cuthbert but they were actually waiting for a boy, but when Mathew saw Anne and got to know her on their way to Avonleay, so Mathew convinced Marilla to keep her.

Story Conclusions:

In conclusión we can say that Anne had a pretty tough life, but she was always very positive and never gave up, she never lost her spirit and was always happy, and I think that´s what made Anne survive all those tragic moments she went through and made her such a nice Little Green Gables Girl.

One Fact and Opinion About the Story:

FACT:Anne decide to dye her hair Green because Gilbert called her carrots, so she thinks that if she dyed it Green it would look better, after that Marilla cuts it because she is ashamed of it.

OPINION: I think that Anne was a very nice Little girl because after all of her horrible past she never lost her great spirit.

I also think it is a great story because it gives you many lessons, like: loving yourself, loving others, being always positive, giving thatnks to God for everything you have specially your friends, your family and for all that love and happiness you have everyday.


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