Censorship In Modern Society

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Censorship is describing as the suppression or prohibition of any certain material from the media, books, films, news, etc that some people find to be insulting to them. The issue of censorship has been widely debated in modern society recently. It is an important issue because it is common in present societies and it has also it is real devise problem. However, several people disagree whit it. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of censorship in the community.

There are many several benefits of censorship in modern society. Firstly, censorship could save children from harmful material. For example, parents can protect their children from detrimental content. For example, parents can protect their children with plenty of ways to do from an unhealthy effect. they can control through the parental filter and kids’ friendly apps. Children are inexperience and lake of information about strangers who might treat them and force them to do whatever they want. Another positive aspect is censorship can curb the impact of identity robbery. For instance, identity theft is reporting over 15 million each year and the information shows over 120 million people were exposed. There is a lot of information floating around the internet and people can turn victims of a crime without understanding. Theft can target youngster with their tempt profile with no verification of age or data, but censorship can bring a layer of protection and preventing access to them. According to FutureofWorking, children have fewer qualms about talking with strangers online than adults do primarily because of the way kids see the world. Besides, censorship could work to develop an individual’s knowledge. For example, people are always tending to believe whatever they see on the internet and some people by creating a panic situation want to scar others. Better protection is provided by the government and law enforcement officials and cut down the spread of rumors and motivates people to analyze the information before they believe. Therefore, censorship is definitely beneficial to society.

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On the other hand, there are several disadvantages. Firstly, it brings a harmful influence on the economy in all groups. Such as, when censorship begins to block a post which does not match someone’s view on what is suitable or offends and then fewer opportunities become accessible in the public. Business’s advertisement can not promote because it might be offending someone. According to FutureofWorking, companies can not train workers because the processes could be considered offensive by someone. Secondly, the incorrect narrative is becoming the truth by censorship. For instance, there are many human rights issues such as shorten of freedom that is taken by the government. The government is investigating the news and choose whatever they want to hear its people and they prevent individuals from discovering what is the truth of the news. In North Korea, people believe that America is the worst country in the world however in their country people earn $3 each month or less and 18 million people need food support stay away from undernourishment. In addition, it is very costly to be engaged in the rule of censorship. For example, the specific content items to avert from being viewed by the general public was over $2 billion costs to be shot down in 2015. China pays more than $2 billion to control its people in place to limit data access online each year. Individual activities are monitored by hundreds of thousands of workers. According to FutureofWorking is when you look at the direct and indirect expenses in every other category, the world likely spends over $100 billion to create altered information flows that people accept in fact. As a result, censorship is not necessary for the nation.

In conclusion, there are two perspectives that one can take on censorship including pros and cons, both of which have convincing supporting arguments. As such, the government must take action to approach the thought of censorship to keep safe personal identity and look after vulnerable population. 


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