Essays on Modern Society

Censorship In Modern Society

Censorship is describing as the suppression or prohibition of any certain material from the media, books, films, news, etc that some people find to be insulting to them. The issue of censorship has been widely debated in modern society recently. It is an important issue because it is common in present societies and it has...
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Mental Health Stigma Within Modern Society

As of recent years, stigma has been a notably controversial topic, and one that has gained much prevalence alongside our understanding of mental health and well being. To Fully understand stigma and its impact within society, it is important to understand what stigma is itself. Stigma is the process of which individuals are discriminated against...
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Commenting On Modern Society

Contemporary Photographers often use different techniques and ideas to critique modern society. Photography can be used to capture a moment in time that can then be witnessed by all. Using it to critique society is interesting as it is a direct and mirror like way to showcase the perfect, stylised and imperfect perfect within our...
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Lack of Empathy in Modern Society: Critical Analysis

What is considered the norm in society? Is it our race? The way we look? Dress? But what is even normal? There is no such thing. We all have this view in society of someone who is “normal” being “perfect”. Societal pressures encourage people to lack empathy to attempt to promote stereotypes and ignore guilt,...
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