Essays on Dark Ages

Dark Ages In Scotland

In the year 1600, Scotland’s population was a meagre 800,000 but the country was well-endowed with seats of learning. Despite their locations on the north-west fringe of Europe, five Scottish universities were already well established. The foundation of the University of St Andrews in 1410 had been prompted by the defection of Augustinian clergy from...
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Religion In The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were the time after the Fall of Rome which occurred in 476 CE and before the renaissance period that began in the 14th century. Evidently, the name ‘middle’ ages refers to the fact that it is the time in the middle of the other two time periods. At the time, the Christian...
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Life In The Middle Ages

During the middle ages every building was built with the main idea of protection all they wanted was strong protected buildings. Architecture back than wasn’t very welcoming in fact it looked like the complete opposite, castles looked dangerous and powerful. Around this owned estate there usually were walls protecting all the people inside. Like other...
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