Essays on French Revolution

Reasons That Forced French Revolution

While it is tenable to argue that political ideas were a significant cause of the French revolution, which began in 1789 (McQueen, 2018) and finished in 1799, it would be fallacious to argue that these were the only major driving force of the revolt. Similarly, it would not be sufficient to merely state that the...
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Evolution Of “Democracy” In The French Revolution

“Democracy,” a substantial word and an everchanging, contested concept demanding constant political, social and historical analysis. A fairly fragile concept with a complex, multidimensional historical idea that has perpetually grown, evolved and transformed over time and space. Whenever the term “democracy” was utilised, it was applied in a variety of contexts. Prominent terms which are...
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Social Inequality As A Reason Of French Revolution

Cobban argues that the French people had been questioning the way in which France was run and ultimately wanted major changes which are shown through events such as the Tennis Court Oath where members of the Third Estate found themselves locked out of their usual meeting hall at Versailles and thinking that the King was...
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The Importance Of The French Revolution To Spread Ideas

During a revolution, all constructs of society are questioned, from the morals which the public have built their lives upon, from the ethics which law is created. The French Revolution is arguably one of the most influential transformations of a country of all time. The French Revolution started in 1789 because of the angst of...
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The Four Stages Of The French Revolution

France entered into its first stage of revolution (The Incubation Stage) in the early to mid-1780s. It did so for multiple reasons, the first and prime reason being the huge issue of deficit in the country. Most of the deficit was caused by King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette’s unnecessary and extravagant spending...
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Causes Of The French Revolution

A number of revolutions took place in history; many came up in the 18th and 19th centuries across the West. The French Revolution can be considered the most significant of all due to the “extreme causes” and violence related to it; along with the general causes that most revolutions at the time shared, such as...
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