Deforestation: Positive And Negative Impacts

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“Oxygen cant fight the starvations of a poor, leaves cant earn you a meal and widespread roots cant approach ones happiness”. Although deforestation is often thought of negatively, there are some major advantages we can get from the practice. Otherwise, it would not be happening, right? Deforestation positively impacts growth and production on contrary to its major negative aspect that it harms nature and causes scarcity of resources yet it allows for industrialization and civilization.

Deforestation is productive because it makes more room for production and growth, creates more job openings and it produces more usable material. In this modern era of development, the need for growth and production is raising day-by-day due to which the rate of deforestation has risen up to a very high extent in the last few decades. Deforestation can prove very beneficial for countries that have high growth rates, so as to accommodate the people and also by enhancing their areas of production. Depending on the needs of the social group concerned, Deforestation has made it possible for communities to be built and prosper, ultimately making life convenient for the social group concerned. Increased production and growth through deforestation means conversion of a raw land into a useful land where business practices can be enhanced with zeal. Second major positive aspect of Deforestation is that it creates more job opportunities for people who are unemployed and who lay expertise in forestry can be aided financially Mostly, the people who work in forest clearing have no other job opportunities available to them, which means deforestation is providing workers with the financial resources. They need to take care of their families on a regular basis. When a certain forested area is cleared, workers can then settle down and establish a farm, plantation or an even a small industry sector that can help keep income flowing in. The practice of Deforestation is very positive in terms of increasing the production of usable materials. The raw land that is of no use can be converted into a useful form to enhance production of products that have increasing global demand like coffee, tea and soy bean etc. According to a research The Union of Concerned Scientists points out that “wood products,” including paper, account for about 10% of total deforestation.

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Deforestation negatively impacts nature and causes environmental pollution, causes floods and scarcity of resources. Although Deforestation might seem productive in the short term but it has devastating impacts in the long run. The major negative aspect of Deforestation is that it leads to environmental pollution, which means increased Co2 and less Oxygen, which sustains life in the atmosphere. The most developed countries of the world like China and UK are spending a major portion of their GDP on controlling environmental pollution which they did not have to do if they had been controlling their rate of Deforestation. In 2018, the EU Member States spent EUR 297 billion on environmental protection, which amounted to 1.9 % of gross domestic product (GDP). Purchases of environmental services by households and by government, and investments made by producers of environmental services, and by corporations to reduce environmental impacts of their activities, accounting for nearly two thirds of the spending (61 %). Environment Protection data was reported at 51.900 RMB in Nov 2019. This records an increase from the previous number of 30.700 RMB for Oct 2019. From these figures it is evident that environmental pollution driven by deforestation is creating havoc for the entire world. Deforestation causes floods, which destroys and inhibits businesses as a consequence. The rural areas where agriculture and cattle rearing is the only bread and butter of the people, those people are primarily affected when floods occur causing their local their business colossal damage. While the floods are devastating for many Pakistanis, Farmers comprise 80 percent of Pakistan’s flood-affected population, and agricultural damage totaled over $5.1 billion. The scarcity of resources is a major menace of Deforestation. Deforestation devastates biodiversity and natural habitats and degrades natural resources. In this developing world, where 1.6 billion people are depended on forests for their food, fuel, and livelihoods. The real economic value of forests is much greater than the short-term benefits of logging or clearing land for agriculture. In the longer run, the loss of habitat and natural resources will negatively affect food production in both developed and developing countries.

Although Deforestation might be devastating it is very productive in terms of industrialization and civilization, developing infrastructure and to enhance material extraction. The development of industries and the urban development is very important for any developing country because industries and advancement are the two things that sustain us. If we think of it, wide parts of forests around the world are left unused, which could instead be converted into some more beneficial commercial and industrial sites, which can help feed hundreds or even thousands of people who are starving. A few parts of these lush lands can be used to make great infrastructures that will ultimately help economies boom and will assist all the people living in them economically as well. Better infrastructure means more production because it keeps the entire country or the city on the go and its development is must. Lets say for instance the people of Galiyat (kpk) in Pakistan are blessed with the most ravishing forests of the country but in the winters season when there’s heavy snowfall in those areas life becomes very difficult for the local people and they have to rely on limited resources that they earn and save during summers season, had a better infrastructure been developed their; life wouldn’t be that much difficult for the people over their. Deforestation makes the extraction of rare and key products for major businesses easy which enhances their profits ultimately. Products like tea, fuel wood and coffee that have increasing global demand are extracted to meet the demand and gain profits.

Deforestation enhances production, allows for industrial set ups and urbanization which, create more opportunities for people worldwide yet it lays some devastating impacts when it comes to harming nature and causing the occurrence of floods, scarcity of resources since it trees are a limited resource.


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