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Summer Vacation: My Long Trip To Thailand

What I did last summer? I was born in Vietnam, but I moved to the United States almost three years ago, I was quite busy from work to school, so I did not get a chance to visit my hometown. Last summer, when I heard my best friend was getting married, my sister and I...
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Problems With Air, Water And Land Pollution In Mexico

Mexico is a country known for its beautiful landscapes full of traditions and culture, where every city has a different story full of emotion, but even the most beautiful cities are starting to have issues to deal with. Even though most cities have been progressing with time and becoming more industrialized in their ways some...
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Natural Disaster: The Hazard Of Blizzards In Winter

A natural disaster is a natural event that can cause disadvantage to all living things. There are many types of natural disasters in the world, in different places and time. For example flood, volcanic eruption, tsunami, and others. Natural disasters can cause death to humans and animals, sickness, economic loss, damage to the buildings, and...
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The Great Significance Of Water Scarcity For Human Activities

Water scarcity is a form of water shortage and it is the shortage of enough water resources to meet a population’s demands for water in a particular region. Water scarcity is already affecting many countries and the water that cannot be provided is needed for essential reasons such as to create food, energy, and industries....
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Summer As The Most Loveliest Season: Opinion Essay

Why is it that there is always something happy and vivid about summer? Or is it just me who thinks this way? Although it may sound cliché, my favorite season is summer because it gives me excitement seeing flowers blossom spectacularly, breathing the mesmerizing smell of the sea, and exploring new places. Witnessing a living...
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Protection Of The Atlantic Forest

Atlantic forest Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves with its rich biodiversity is selected as a world heritage site according to the UNESCO list of historically important sites. This protected area is biologically wealth with rare species and many biomes are considered threatened. Although a lot of species faced extinction due to a natural process, the human...
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Desalination Techniques Used For Generating Consumable Water

Freshwater and energy are two indivisible and basic items for continuing human life on earth. Quick populace development and industrialization, particularly in creating nations in the ongoing past, have put squeezing requests for both freshwater and vitality. Both are to be moderated and protected for the reasonable improvement of the world. Then again, there is...
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