Essays on Double Consciousness

Mind Brain Consciousness

The concept of consciousness has long been considered the most challenging in human thought. How consciousness manifests itself in living entities is to many an almost impossible question to answer. However, “split-brain” patients, a phrase coined for individuals with a severed corpus callosum, have provided extremely important contributions in our understanding of consciousness. This essay...
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Diaspora Consciousness

Diaspora as a type of consciousness emerged in response to the essentialist discourse that had previously dominated earlier theorizations of the term as a social form and method of categorization (Cohen 2019: 27). Essentialism denies the idea that identity is constantly becoming and that identity construction is a discursive space and instead fixes identity within...
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Color Consciousness And Racial Prejudice

Color consciousness is based on color especially to recover blacks from color and racial prejudice which is deeply practicing in American society. The chapter is mainly focuses on McKay’s first novel Home to Harlem. Through the chapter readers can realize how the blacks are rediscovering their identity through the color of primitivism. Primitivism is also...
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