Effect Of Gender On Aggression

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It is obvious that male and female behaviour are different due to genetic make-up. Aggressive behaviour research has been conducted to prove that this does exist in young African Americans. Studies that were conducted thoroughly pay close attention to patterns between each group. Inter-city public schools will be chosen made up of mainly African Americans ages elven through thirteen years of age. This study will be on a volunteer basic the behavioural patterns that will be studied will be irregular behaviours and how aggression can be prevented. Method used of gathering information would be surveys. The data collected from each survey categorized differs in the aggression, elevates between the two genders and ways to see those behavioural patterns. Establishing and baseline and a conclusion will be paramount in this study. In order to have a successful study the subjects will need to be accurate as possible.

Young African American youth have greatest amount of delinquency cases related to aggression (Knoll & Sickmund, 2010) Black youth who express violent attitudes or aggressive in school are unjustly punished in comparison to others (Children’s Defense Fund, 1875; Skiba, Michael, Nardo & Peterson, 2002). Young Blacks have been known to receive more suspension more often than others (Maryland State Department of Education, 2002) behaviors lead to more appearances in the juvenile court system and will be punished harsher (Knoll& Sickmund, 2010). We are responsible for our own actions the children should consider consequences of their behaviours. These are impulsive behaviours leading to a life down the wrong path. In a system that is designed to target minorities, it also seems as if the schools are partnered in a strategic plan against them. African American females from “the hood” have been noted with participating in some sort of violence over other ethnic groups (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2009). Often research conducted on male and females, lend toward gender-specific developmental behaviour problems that may lead to violence (Miller, Malone, Dodge, & Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group, 2010). This gives a better understanding to gauge prevention and ways to provide methods to combat aggression.

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Factors differ that motivate individuals that engage in acts of aggression. For personal gain of power, influence, or money males tend to engage in overt violent behaviours (Herrman & Silverstein, 2012: Zahn et., 2008). So taking in consideration the demographics. These kids come from nothing, this is more like an instinct of survival way of thinking or could be taught also. Studies have shown female display violent behaviours when around relationships dealing with peers, romantic partners, or having family arguments (Herrman & Silverstein, 2012; Zahn er al., 2008). This is a situation that has been witness in public by many. They may also “react violently in response to verbal exchanges, episodes of threatened self-esteem, in self-defence to prevent further attack or in anger, and when mixed messages cultivate conflict” (Herrman & Silverstein, 2012, pg 65). These behaviours and are an act of survival that are trigged when they feel is if they have been violated.

During the research secondary data analysis from the “Stepping Up” intervention trials were conducted (Jones, et al, 2009; Murray, Haynie, Howard, Cheng & Simons-Morton, 2013), classified under the “No Child Left Behind Act” a longitudinal aggression preventive study was launched of middle school children on probation (U.S. Department of Education, 2003). The three school are in the same school district within neighbourhood of low income status with high levels of area violence. This randomized school based study involves a prevent curriculum and increased parent involvement. This type of study should produce positive findings especially with parent involvement. This is important when addressing any type relationship involving a child. Survey questionnaires will be given out three before and three weeks after intervention for all participating students will have a have a four week gap in between. I plan to adopt the similar methods that the “Stepping Up” survey used. This was an audio computer- assisted self-interview system. It allows students to listen to a digital recording of questions over headphones, and could read the questions on the computer screen at the same time. Since it is believe that blacks have a low literacy rate these effort are to minimize error when taking the survey questions. This system has been found to have far more effective results over face-to- interviews (Turner et al., 1998). When asking question less physical interaction is better unless you have that rapport with the subjects the computer base question will provide a more genuine response from the subjects.

The sample was made up of African American sixth graders that participated in the study similar to the “Stepping Up” The study will be restricted to those who complete the entire survey to include the baseline and the follow up survey. All participants will not be included in the final data if they fail to complete any part of the survey. In order to have successful results all part must be completed so it paramount for the students to commit and finish what they started.

In conclusion the survey should generate finding to help us better understanding how why what causes the pattern of behavioural aggression in both youth black male and females. We also plan to use the results to implement ways to prevent these behaviours as well. Inner-city children that come from this environment are exposed to a lot of negativity at an early age. The communities that they live in are important to the growth. Having negative or positive impact dictates their well-being. In hopes to solve these problem an aggressive solution to this on-going problem will have to be addressed.    


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