Five Essentials Emotional Intelligence: My Strength And Weakness Areas

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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive assessments and apply data about one’s sentiments and the sentiments of others, for inspiring ourselves, and for overseeing feelings well in ourselves and in our relationship. In other noteworthiness, the energetic understanding is connected to acquiring the capacities to manage your emotions. It’s the ability to settle on in-the-minute choices with increasingly noticeable care, compassion and control, reaching others that is dynamically esteemed, grasped and respected.

There are five essentials to that emotional intelligence. It is significant in the work and day by day life. The initial three are intra-individual and happen inside. The last two are inter-personal happening among individuals and are discernible practices, which incorporates:

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  1. Self-Awareness: the capacity to recognize and fathom your temperaments, emotions and drives-to be aware of and present to what you feel (upbeat, miserable, energized, on edge, disappointed, furious). It is recognizing what you ought to or ought do not or say next on account of your passionate state.
  2. Managing Emotions: the capacity to control or divert troublesome driving forces, states of mind and pick your activity. Your capacity to deal with your passionate state is about self-guideline. It includes the ability to transform negative and depleting enthusiastic status into valuable and gainful ones.
  3. Motivating oneself: intrinsic (inward) motivation is the energy of passion to work for reasons that go past cash or status. It is the ability to use your emotions to make positive move. Using your feelings to be certain, idealistic, sure and relentless rather than negative.
  4. Empathy: the capacity to listen viably and precisely perceive the passionate condition of others. This does not so much propose seeing, anyway a cognizance of the condition from their point of view to improve correspondence, basic reasoning, and trust.
  5. Social Skill: the capability to oversee connections and develop organizes by first perceiving and dealing with your sentiments in connection to the feelings of others. The capacity to show genuine consider for other individuals and the social occasion all things considered. Through word and deed, social expertise demonstrates a gratefulness for people groups’ endeavors and commitment.

My strengths areas are two which I get highest scour in motivating oneself (38) and the other area is empathy with scour of (36). Starting with motivating oneself, I have always the ability to motivate myself in difficult situations by rewarding myself through gifts or passion to accomplish work. I am used to prioritizing in both the work environment and the daily life by knowing the degree of importance to the activities which that result in my one life. Sometimes I have a fluctuation in submitting my projects on time because of wasting my time in things that are not important and I think sometimes is better to start up in difficult works and do not prevaricate the things by making it easy. I believe in action this day and the motivation is the most important thing to be successful person and satisfying about the himself. The second strength area is the empathy which most of the time I am always able to see and realize things from the other people viewpoint. Empathy mean to me a lot of things and it is very necessary to preserve humanity. For example, I am always sympathizing with people around me if they have problems or if they need any kind of help. From my point of view, the other individuals are not difficult to deal with, but they have a differentiation that makes them distinct from others and of course I have ability to accept different views and get benefit from them.

My weakness areas are self-awareness with scour of (24), managing emotions with scour of (26) and social skill with scour of (30) which need to more attention and development. Frist of all, self-awareness is very important factor that make the persons able to realize when they lose their temper or when they feel happy and stressed. Sometimes I cannot realize when I am being emotional and I usually cannot account for the reasons when I feel anxious. Awareness of my own emotions are not always important in all times and I did not affect by the negative feelings. Another weakness area is managing emotions which is related directly to how the ability of persons when they control their feelings in any situations, for me I cannot reframe bad situations quickly. When I face status of powerful emotions, I cannot manage my emotions immediately, in the same time I can change my frame of mind or mood. The other people negative reaction to me in anyway does not affect my way in work or daily life and they do not know about my feelings toward any subjects. In the end of weakness area which needs an attention is social skill, I have a less power in influencing and inspiring other people, but I am good listener for other viewpoints. I respect the opinion of others, but sometimes I had to interrupt their conversations. I am excellent at adapting with new people and I love to make relationships with others. Sometimes I like to aske other people questions to find out their interests, but I am not good in reconciling differences with other people.

From the evaluation exam, I noted the areas of strength are less than the areas of weakness and I need to develop my emotional intelligence. The good news is that emotional intelligence skills can be learned and constantly honed. The course of action of (energetic focal point of the brain) increases best from motivation, experiential learning, extended practice, and information. Creating and utilizing Emotional Intelligence aptitudes offers a lot of center capacities that emphatically sway business results in astounding customer satisfaction depends on genuine consideration. Individuals with high EI aptitudes deal with themselves and stretch out true consideration to other people. EI is useful tool for self-improvement. For example, individuals with high EI abilities emphatically sway each person they contact, filling in as good examples of great execution. In addition, Individuals with high EI aptitudes quiet and clear their brains rapidly and effectively, opening the way for understanding, instinct, and imaginative/creative thoughts and pioneers with high EI abilities have been demonstrated to be the best and best directors, the sort of individual for whom capable individuals need to work.


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