Essays on Emotional Intelligence

The Impact Of Emotional Intelligence On Employee Engagement

The current business environment is consumed by technological advancements and a growing trend towards globalization. In order to succeed, organizations are forced to create a competitive advantage, while effectively managing resources to enable them to achieve strategic objectives and stay ahead of competitors. Employee Engagement (EE), an area that has been studied extensively in recent...
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The Relation Between Emotional Intelligence And Behaviour

Abstract Emotional clarity is the core capacity at work enabling clear access to an emotion that is being experienced. Individuals that understand their own emotions have the opportunity to manage and utilise this information to appropriately to connect with other people (Smith, 2000). Emotional intelligence (EI) has been recognised as a powerful motivator of behaviour...
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How Emotional Intelligence Of Principals Affects A Campus

In the field of education, there are educators with the ability to possess knowledge of the laws and codes that are required to run a campus. However, sometimes, these principals do not lead their schools to success, regardless of the knowledge and experience they hold. With mental health and social awareness taking priority in the...
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Emotional Intelligence And Test To Find Out Its Level

Emotional Intelligence is a person’s ability to understand and recognize their emotions and the emotions of others. There are five concepts that attribute to a person’s intelligence. These concepts are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. The concepts determine a person level of emotional intelligence. With this, there was a twenty-question test was given...
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Emotional Intelligence: Definition And Its Aspects

Emotional Intelligence is a phenomenon that Goleman (1995) made current, ’emotional intelligence’ applies to an individual’s ability to understand and manage himself or herself emotions and perhaps gain the ability to understand other people’s emotions. In several other terms, they could also manipulate other emotions of people. ‘Emotional intelligence’ this is one of the highest...
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Emotional Intelligence And Equity

Introduction Supremacy of IQ has been regarded as the standard for excellence by Millenials. However, various combined research by psychologists, industrial experts and science journalists have paved way to the eminence of Emotional Intelligence, abbreviated as EQ, in the current workplace scenario. Of all the hurdles faced at the workplace, Gender Equity draws attention to...
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Emotional Intelligence And Career Development

Intelligence doesn’t mean that someone is simply “smart.” It does not mean that someone is intelligent if they have a high IQ or gets straight A’s on their report card. It also does not mean that someone with intelligence can do all things well. There is more to intelligence than what our society has portrayed...
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Emotional Intelligence: Daniel Goldman's Book Review

Emotional Intelligence is a very psychological book, focused on the human brain that. I have started to read hoping that I will be learning more about humans as a species and about the way we function on daily basis. The main topics of the book were the way we perceive the world around us, the...
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Impact Of Emotional Intelligence On Our Success

The development of emotional intelligence can have a major impact on our success. It is to be aware of, or able to control, one’s emotions, to be empathetic towards other people, and to be emotionally connected to others. In the early 1990s EI was developed as a major psychological construct, it was conceptualized as a...
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Five Essentials Emotional Intelligence: My Strength And Weakness Areas

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive assessments and apply data about one’s sentiments and the sentiments of others, for inspiring ourselves, and for overseeing feelings well in ourselves and in our relationship. In other noteworthiness, the energetic understanding is connected to acquiring the capacities to manage your emotions. It’s the ability to settle on...
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