Essays on Gattaca

Exploration Of Fictional Futures In Science Fiction Texts: Gattaca

Science fiction texts often explore fictional futures to offer social commentary on the present and warn the audience through a wide range of conventions. Gattaca (1997) directed by Andrew Niccol is set in the “not too distant future” and explores a possible future where advancements in technology allow humans to tamper with one’s genetic makeup....
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Invalids Versus Valids In Gattaca

Invalids/valids: everyone knows their place, social structure, opportunities Genetically engineered individuals, such as Eugene and Anton, are labeled “Valids”, and are society’s elites while those born by natural means or “invalids” such as Vincent, are treated as inferior citizens. Valids are genetically modified to reach their greatest potential through selective breeding. From birth, Valids are...
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