Essays on Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut: A Phenomenon Of Ancient Time

 A female acting like a man? Whom could this mysterious person be? Are they trying to escape something deadly? No, it is just a Yoda of the past! Don’t need to be scared. This person was Egypt’s one and only of its kind, Hatshepsut. She had a regular lifestyle in the royal lane. With many...
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Hatshepsut: A Master Of Politics And Dynastic Visionary

Hatshepsut broke tradition in a predominantly male dominated world and became a master of politics and dynastic visionary, eventually crowning herself as ‘King’ of Egypt during the 18th Dynasty. Her contribution to the ancient society during her matriarchal reign of nearly 22 years has undergone much scrutiny and opinionated observations over the course of time....
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Hatshepsut's Impact On Egyptian History

In the Eighteenth Dynasty (1492-1479 B.C.E), Thutmose’s son died at an early age. Since this was so unexpected, they believed it would result in a catastrophe. However, this unfortunate death began one of the most memorable and exceptional reigns in all of Egyptian history. The role of Pharaoh was passed on to his sister and...
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