Essays on Homeostasis

The Definition And Overview Of Homeostasis

An introduction to homeostasis: Homeostasis is the ability to maintain relatively constant internal conditions despite fluctuating changes in the external environment (1). Having mechanisms in place in order to control internal conditions allows us to adapt to our surroundings and enables us to go wherever we want. The external environment mainly refers to the extracellular...
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The Effects Of Obesity On Homeostasis

Obesity is an ongoing disease that is becoming more prevalent in the ever-growing world. Homeostatic regulation is a singular unifying principle in all health protection and illness prevention. Homeostasis maintains a stable equilibrium among its internal components whilst interacting with the external environment. With the effects of obesity ranging from physical, external, it ranges and...
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Human Vs. Dog Temperature Regulation

Introduction Homeostasis is constant regulation of your body; it uses certain structures in your body to perform functions which help keep the body in a constant state of wellbeing. In this essay attributes which keep dogs and humans at a constant temperature will be compared, contrasted and explored. Thermoregulation is what keeps your body at...
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Maintaining The Internal Environment-homeostasis And Its Relationship With Down Syndrome

Rationale In a research investigation published to the journal of biomedical science, authors Ambreen Asim, Ashok Kumar, Srinivasan Muthuswamy, Shalu Jain & Sarita Agarwal, investigated Down syndrome and the diseases associated with it. Drawn from their investigation, the research question ‘Do the associated diseases and side affects of down syndrome disrupt an individuals homeostasis?’. Background...
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The Importance Of Homeostasis

Homeostasis, a self-regulating procedure by which biological frameworks will in general keep up stability while changing in accordance with conditions that are ideal for endurance (Kotas and Medzhitov2015). On the off chance that homeostasis is effective, life proceeds; if ineffective, wellbeing calamity or demise results. The stability achieved is really a unique harmony, in which...
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Homeostasis: The Role Of Ghrelin

Homeostasis is the tendency for the body to maintain a relatively constant internal environment, which is crucial to sustain life as both humans and many other organisms operate on a narrow range of optimal conditions. Homeostasis is achieved through the collaboration of the various systems and hormones within the body (Englehart, 2018). Ghrelin is an...
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Physiological Homeostasis Of An Active Person Versus A Non-active Person

Introduction The maintenance of a steady internal environment regardless of a constantly changing external condition is called Homeostasis. It enables all body frameworks to perform within an acceptable range. Human bodies maintain a stable internal environment of ~37 °C, ~0.1% blood glucose, blood pH of ~7.35. It is maintained by feedback loops, mainly negative feedback...
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Homeostasis And Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative condition globally (Soukup, Vanhauwaert, & Verstreken, 2018). It is caused by the preferential degradation of dopaminergic (DAergic) neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta, part of the midbrain, causing dysfunctions such as rigidity, postural instability and tremors (Bisaglia, Greggio, Beltramini, & Bubacco, 2013). Studies have...
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The Interrelation Between Homeostasis And Hypertension Diagnosis

As a physician your job is to diagnose and treat injuries or illness. Given the amount of patients that need to be seen, it can be challenging to give each patient the attention and care that they deserve. However, Patient X demanded that I stay until all of her questions were answered and she was...
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