Essays on In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood: The Main Characters' Analysis

What makes someone act out? In Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, the main characters, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, are young men who feel like outcasts in society. They brutally kill the Clutter family in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas to fulfill their dream of becoming “insiders”. To them, being an insider is to...
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In Cold Blood: Book Review

In Cold Blood is a non-fiction book published in 1966 and wrote by Truman Capote, an american novelist and playwritter born in 1924 and deceased in 1984. Capote is also known for writing other important books and for having and extravagant lifestyle. As for Capote’s life we can say that, he developed his love for...
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In Cold Blood: Literary Analysis

The story of a family of four living the American dream only to be killed seemingly without motive is a tale that explores crime and its possibilities. In Cold Blood, published as a four-part serial in The New Yorker, is a nonfiction novel written by Truman Capote. Published in January of 1966 with 343 pages,...
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