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Internet Privacy: The Affected Of The Dependency On The Internet

1 – Introduction Internet privacy, or online privacy is defined as the security level of personal data published on the Internet by users. Privacy on the internet refers to how safe and secure your personal information and data is once you publish the data on any website. However the recent rise in the popularity of...
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Internet Privacy And National Security Concern Under Internet And The Onion Routing

Internet help connects people worldwide as a powerful communication and information sharing platform. However, as the internet “requires the collection of certain data from individuals who visit websites—such as Internet address—in order for the site to operate properly”, every data the users provide may lead to privacy problems. Meanwhile, with the development of social media,...
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Internet Privacy Of The Future

In this age of the internet, literally, everybody has an online presence. Whether that is through email, a social network, a marketplace, or a financial institution, we are all sharing data online. As we interact on various online platforms, we end up sharing private data. The question is how safe is this data that we...
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