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The majority of law essays that a British student may encounter will include tasks like case study writing, court hearings, analytical assignments, comparative research papers that deal with international legislation, and many other tasks that address legal issues in various disciplines. Contrary to a popular belief, even those British students ... who are not majoring in Law have to deal with topics like Business Law or EU Law as they explore life in post-Brexit Britain. While you may not focus on the composition of a criminology essay for an interdisciplinary task, knowing how to structure legal aspects in your writing is paramount! It’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to learn more about this kind of writing by turning to a law essay example.

Researching the rules of law essay writing, remember that there will be various debates and analytical assignments dealing with controversial and sensitive subjects like Media Law or Islamic Law. It will require additional research and a due portion of analytical thought with an exploration of legal issues from more than one side. It makes it quite challenging to choose a suitable topic unless you see an example and narrow things down. It is one of the most important things to start with as you work on your legal essay.

Law Essay Structure

Most law essays will follow the classic academic essay writing structure, which will require an abstract for research papers and an introduction with a thesis statement—three to five body paragraphs—and a conclusion. While you may choose a free structure for debates in a law essay, British lawyers and university experts in the field recommend offering only one idea or argumentation per paragraph.

The paragraphs that you compose should be short and to the point with quotations and references narrowed down. Turning to classic law essay examples, you will instantly notice that conclusion is the most important part of such tasks. The golden rule is to sum up the facts that you know and come to a conclusion just like a lawyer.

Speaking of structure, it’s essential to focus on what kind of essay writing you must do. It means that contract law and administrative law tasks must include information about governmental or business estimations. Other types of tasks like moral law, family law, environmental law, or even public interest law require a social aspect that won’t be necessary for cases related to criminal law writing where one must operate with legal references and forensics.

8 Law Essay Writing Tips

Before you take a look at law essay samples to learn more about your subject and structure, make sure that you follow these simple tips that will help you come up with an excellent paper.

  1. Always narrow your topic down! For example, working with land law or labour law, focus on the landlords' law and don't mention related subjects like Corporate Act or Tort Law.
  2. Dealing with copyright law, common law, and comparative law, always include examples and compare things to different countries and legislations.
  3. Come up with a strong thesis supported by a legal reference.
  4. Dealing with international law, include multilingual references (if possible) as an appendix.
  5. University law essay example dealing with evidence law must start with a brief introduction and an explanation of how sample data has been collected.
  6. Criminal justice tasks must include court hearing materials.
  7. Tax Law writing requires additional calculations and analysis with statistics. Make sure to collect this type of data first!
  8. Always proofread and edit your law paper twice to ensure high readability!

Why Law Essay Example Makes Things More Accessible?

As most Law college entrants will agree, the presence of at least one law essay sample makes it easier to learn how to structure things and compose your legal paper. We have collected a selection of different essays that will help you see the span of subjects and types of papers that British students may get. Here are some samples worth checking:

Checking more than one free essay example will help you to see how to put your thoughts on paper, how to quote legal acts, and come up with a strong argumentation when exploring your subject. Pay attention to the conclusion part. It will have a special thesis restatement of the main idea and summarisation of the important facts.

Why Some Legal Essays Stand Out?

Choosing your example law essay, notice how it has been structured, think about an introduction, and check the thesis statement. If you understand every part of the thesis statement well and can connect it with the paragraphs, it’s a successful essay that will stand out and achieve success. In case you are not sure about your thesis, need an expert to help you gain more confidence or make your legal writing unique, our specialists are ready to offer their help and let you learn how to structure a law essay based on your subject. It may take time to learn, yet your persistence will always pay off if you use some patience and willingness to learn and explore.

Analytical Essay on Doctrine of Consistent Interpretation Versus Direct Effect EU Law

To adequately answer this question fully, it is imperative to first determine the meaning of doctrine of consistent interpretation. This measure pertains to directives and their ‘binding nature on all the authorities of Member States including…the courts.’ The doctrine of consistent interpretation or indirect effect is the ‘obligation of national courts and administrative authorities to...
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Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961: Critical Analysis

Protection Given to Women under MFLO 1961 Abstract Ayub Khan President of Pakistan promulgate the Muslim Family Law Ordinance in 1962 on recommendations of the Commission on Marriage and Family Laws. It deals with the most important unit of society, family. It is protecting the rights of women by establishing the system of registration of...
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Constitutional Supremacy of Courts: Analytical Essay on Problems with Justification

There are recent existing theories challenging constitutional supremacy of courts adopting positions which grant privilege to courts, though not supreme in a very fundamental role of shaping rights in the Constitution. This discussion explores and focuses on the privileges of court shielded by the Constitution, exclusively in the protection of issues such as individual rights...
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