Essays on Jean Piaget

Two Important Figures In Psychology: Wundt & Piaget

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. In this essay I am going to be identifying two important figures in psychology, for each I will be looking at both their theories and experiments to provide a full understanding of the area of psychology they studied and how effective their theories...
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Facial Imitation In The Sensorimotor Stage According To Piaget

Introduction Jean Piaget was a biologist and philosophist, and one of the researchers with immense influence in the area of psychological development during the 20th century. Since he was a biologist, he was mostly interested in biological influences of development and how humans evolve and grow. While he was cooperating with Binet, he noticed qualitative...
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Autism Spectrum Disorder & Jean Piaget

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological developmental challenge that commences in early childhood and lasts through the later stages of a person’s life (Fuentes et al., 2014). It effects how a person acts and interacts with other people, communicates, and learns. Actual causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder remain unknown, but psychologists have attempted to link...
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