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Investigating A Variation Of The Javanese Buddhist Temple Typology: Mandala

Introduction During the 8th to 10th Century, there has been a significant increase in the number of temples built in Central Java, specifically in the Prambanan Plains. Powerful figures from the two dynasties, the Sanjayas and Sailendras, built temples in accordance with their own faith without neglecting the sanctuaries of the other religions, which explains...
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Mandala As The Idea Of Centralised Sites Of Power

Introduction A popular topic of study within the field of ancient kingdoms in Southeast Asia deals with the understanding of how these polities functioned in terms of notions of power and rule. In the course of doing so, many scholars have attempted to propose various models to characterise their workings with examples of hydraulic (Wittfogel,...
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My Mandala: A Vast Connection Of My Inner Circle Of Life

My Mandala is different circles floating in a galaxy. My mandala is concentric, with five colorful circles encircling other circles until you get to the middle, which is a basketball, and around the circles are beautiful galaxy paint, and white splatter paint. Vibrant, hard to miss, a variety of thick stickers, a shell with a...
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