Essays on Mansfield Park

The Theme Of Slavery In Mansfield Park

While brief, the theme of slavery in Dacre’s novel is clearly present in it’s portrayal of Zofloya, but a novel that illustrates the theme of slavery much more prominantly is Jane Austen’s 1814 novel, Mansfield Park. Despite lower and working class characters being presented from afar, whilst the upper classes and the elite are at...
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Summary Of Jane Austen And Empire By Edward Said

Jane Austen and Empire is an essay from the collection of essays Culture and Imperialism (1993) by the Palestinian American writer Edward Wadie Said. In this collection, the author attempts to trace the connection between imperialism and culture in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. This collection is an attempt to expand the arguments discussed...
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Gender, Culture, Politics: Readings Of Jane Austen

‘[S]he was no sooner arrived than she ordered the Coachman to turn around & drive her back again’ (‘The Beautifull Cassandra’). Write an essay discussing forms of female mobility in Austen’s writing. The placement of Jane Austen within feminist discourse is complicated by the ongoing struggle between those critics that consider Austen as an authoress...
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