Essays on The Great Gatsby

When you are asked to write the Great Gatsby essay, it is good to start with the concept of this famous book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Although it deals with the subject of the American Dream and the impossibility of making it come true, it also brings up other questions ... like love, wealth, social life, and staying true to yourself. The novel implements satire and dramatic irony, which must be mentioned in your writing regardless of what topics you may choose to bring up. See our the Great Gatsby sample essays for inspiration. As a British student, you may talk about your view on the American way of life and the moral issues described.

The Great Gatsby: Old Money, New Money And No Money

The book The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald is about a man named James Gatsby and his way of pursuing the American dream in the 1920s. Taking place in the villages of east and west egg, Narrated by Nick Caraway a young man who finds himself in a situation with an American man named...
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The Impact Of Social Class In The Great Gatsby

Sometimes dreams are much more elusive than they may originally appear. This is apparent in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s tragedy novel, The Great Gatsby, where a young male arriviste wishes to regain the love of a married woman- in the process, conflict ensues, ultimately ending in the death of the ambitious man. Although all members of...

The Great Gatsby As A Illustration Of A Modern Society

The Great Gatsby is very relevant nowadays in modern-day society. It’s “The Great America Tragedy” that speaks to common, unchanged themes of the made obtaining riches, the poor obtaining poorer, which you can’t perpetually get what you would like. Gatsby remains relevant because it prevents the dark facet of the ambition and will therefore with...
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The Great Gatsby: How Money May Affect On People

The Great Gatsby can be described as a tragic novel similar to Romeo and Juliet in which the high society is brought down by their own liabilities or actions. Their demise was because of their own choices and fate. Fitzgerald the author of Great Gatsby related to the likenesses of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet....
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The Great Gatsby: Love Or Willing To Reach An American Dream?

 F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby, a novel that depicts a world filled with corruption. He uses Nick Carraway as a narrator, though a questionable one as he is so different than the rest of the characters. Fitzgerald attempts to guide the readers through the novel to show corruption and failure of the American...
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The Great Gatsby As A Incarnation Of The American Dream

Money can either save you or lead to your downfall. In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald conveys the message that money doesn’t bring true happiness by illustrating the inability of even wealthy people to achieve said happiness. Money also plays a significant role in relationships. In the case of The Great Gatsby,...
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The American Dream As The Central Idea Of The Great Gatsby

Following the end of WWI, the 1920s brought around an abrupt economic boom within America. After having lived through the depravity of WWI, the American society saw the 1920s as an opportunity to indulge. The 2013 film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby, is an exhilarating movie that depicts the narrative...
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