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The Issue Of Ethnic And Nationalist Conflicts

The dissolution of the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 1990s is a key date for International Relations scholars as it led to the reconsideration of key concepts like sovereignty. The end of the Cold War did challenge some of the IR theories but did not eradicate past international challenges. Among these challenges is...
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Nation, State And Nation State In India

The Definition of Nation The word nation has its etymological origin in French word nacion, Latin nation-em that mean breed, stock or race. Similarly, in Spanish to words like nacion and in Italian Nazione. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it means ‘a large community of people, so closely connected by common descent or men,...
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Origins And Features Of The Modern Nation-state

The origins of the modern nation-state can be found in Europe during and after the period of absolutist monarchies. In 1500, there were about 150 independent political entities in Europe: by 1900, there were 25. Gianfranco Poggí (1990, p. 19) has defined the modem nation-state as: An organization or set of organizations … [where] political...
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German Nation and Holocaust: Analytical Essay

The Holocaust is a one of the worst mass murders known in history. From the years 1939 -1943, 6 million Jews were killed, not sparing women, children or babies. This was orchestrated by the leader of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler, who personally blamed the Jews and Communists for the loss of World War 1...
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