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Reflecting The Issue Of Water Pollution In Landscape Photography

Water pollution has become an increasing problem which affects all aspects of life and is a leading main issue around the world. More recently has water pollution become severe and it is due to the increase in plastics and other rubbish that is dumped in the worlds rivers and oceans. Some excellent examples of water...
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The Role Of Photography In Conservation Of Landscape

American landscape photography has been largely influenced by aesthetics, particularly the picturesque and the sublime. The word picturesque, often refers to idealised landscape, the aesthetics, how pleasing something is to look at, beauty and the visually balanced. We also refer visually to a sense of wilderness, something out of a painting. “The sublime in photography...
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Documentary Photography As A Tool For Social Change

This essay is going to explore documentary photography through the years and the ways in which it was used while also looking at the impact documentary photography has had on society. Photography has been a tool for worldly impacting people’s opinions on a great scale, capturing moments that trigger sympathy in a person with serious...
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Elimination, Imagination, And Criticism Under Concept Art Of Cindy Sherman

As a representative of women’s art, the achievement of the American female artist Cindy Sherman plays an important role in Western postmodern art. She consistently uses a specific art, film or pop culture medium as a reference — B-grade film, magazine inserts, fashion, fairy tales, classical paintings, pornography, surrealist photography, and horror film — she...
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The Depiction Of Women In Cindy Sherman's Art Photography

Cindy Sherman was brought up being the youngest among her four siblings, which meant she sought attention from a very young age and most often had to entertain herself, which she would do by dressing up and creating various characters due to her extensive costume wardrobe. Despite no one in her family questioning her dressing...
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Barbara Kruger: Crossing The Boundaries Of Art Photography

Today, the mass media and the discipline of graphic design, interlink frequently. Due to saturation of the media that people experience daily, it has caused a shift in perceptions of identity, as well as expectations of realism. A warp in society’s standards and what is categorised as common place are implemented by this. It is...
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Photography Styles: Forms, Characteristics, Major Figures

Have you ever seen a picture? Do you happen to know in which category of photography it falls in? Photography is such a complex and fascinating form of art and it has taken so many different forms since the first photograph that was taken in 1826 by a Frenchman named Nicéphore Nièpce”, and that was...
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War Photography In Historical Perspective

War Photography has been one of the best mediums to receive information on what is happening on the front lines of war and has evolved with cultures and has even changed people’s vision of the conflict. The medium has grown in popularity so much that it can literally determine an outcome of a war with...
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