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Textual Analysis Of Two Sonnets – Death, Be Not Proud And With How Sad Steps

This essay intends to do a close reading on two sonnets, ‘Death, be not proud’ by John Donne and ‘With how sad steps’ by Sir Philip Sidney: with the aim to compare the two sonnets to highlight how two sonnets on very different topics still follow the traditions set by the sonnets written before them....
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The Effect Of Anger And Frustration In Neruda’s Walking Around Poem

Neruda’s “Walking Around” presents the speakers’ detestable view on society, through the image of a common man on a walk. As the speaker travels Neruda cleverly displays a hateful depiction of society by projecting common day activities as prevalent issues during this time. The speaker himself is disgusted by the human race and the actions...
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The Bureaucratic Control Of The State In The Unknown Citizen

Since the voice of the poet is the driving voice of society, Auden, a virtuoso poet, uses it to unravel the folded political and romantic lies of the modernist era of post World War 1, propagated by the hegemonic institutions of governance through representations of “The Modern Man” in The Unknown Citizen (1940) and the...
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Still I Rise: Language Choice, Imagery And Structure

An admired poet, activist, singer, director and dancer, Maya Angelou best known for her award-winning book “I know why the caged bird sings”, changed the world through her words. My name is Maya Le Goff and I will be your host on today’s podcast of “literature round table.” Today’s discussion, Maya Angelou’s famous poem Still...
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Mending Wall Poetry Critique Draft

Are walls meant to keep things in? Or out? Robert Frosts’ “Mending Wall” published in 1914 offers an insight into conflict caused by contrasting opinions on the concept of boundaries and the impact they have on relationships. The poem shows two opinions on this topic, the speaker believes they cause isolation whereas his neighbour believes...
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Realistic Love And Depressing Love In Poems

The different types of love I am looking at are realistic love and depressing love, sonnet 130 is a love poem by William Shakespeare in his poem he is being very realistic and honest. The setting of the poem looks to be negative but at the same time, he is also showing that love is...
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