President Richard Nixon: Validating The Nations Safety

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In society there are many rulers and dictators who don’t have the right qualifications to rule a nation. These rulers who are very ignorant and disrespectful, are gaining satisfaction for the irrelevant statements they’re giving us. It is justified to remove a ruler when they are repeatedly validating the rights of a nation.

Every ruler whether they’re right or wrong should be holding themselves to a higher standard. As a ruler not only should the people lead your way but a ruler should follow the rules better than anyone else. If a ruler or citizen were to break the law they both should be punished equally. Just because someone may be more intelligent or have higher class than the other, doesn’t mean the laws should be taken for granted. Even though a ruler has many advantages in store for a country, the rights should still be held the same for everyone.

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In the case of President Richard Nixon, five men attempted to break into the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate complex and ultimately tried to cover up the story by lying to Congress during an interview. (Anne) Even though Nixon never ordered the break-in at the Watergate complex, his part was in messing around with matters by trying to distance himself and his administration from it. What he did was having his lawyer hide the White House’s involvement to the break-in. Those five men needed to be paid and that is when the cover-up began. He was able to keep it a secret and was able to be re-elected. (Anne) However, these two reporters from a well respected newspaper were able to dig up some facts and things were not looking too good for President Nixon. They were able to connect many “dots” which proved Nixon was not acting in good faith and therefore lying. Nixon was being pressured and given two choices. He was to resign or continue as president but risk being impeached. To “save face,” he chose to resign. (Anne) He was guilty. This shows us all that no one is above the law and that a ruler can make costly mistakes, too.

Another case is Julius Caesar where Brutus is wanting to kill Caesar for the good of Rome. A conspiracy was formed, hoping that the death of Caesar would keep the senators rich and in power. (Anne) Additionally, many senators feared that Caesar wanted to overthrow the senate and become a dictator. In the end, Brutus wanted what was best for Rome and continued with the conspiracy of Caesar. (Anne) This just comes to show us that Brutus loved his country and wanted to keep everyone secure, and for that to happen, he must kill Caesar.

A ruler must be a ruler. They have to protect and be in control of a nation. No matter who you are, rules are to be followed and consequences must occur when wrong occurs. We can’t have a functioning society where rules don’t apply to all. Bad things can happen. At worst, wars can start or in the case of Julius Caesar, one can be killed over it.

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