Essays on Presidents of the United States

Martin Luther King Versus Abraham Lincoln: Comparative Essay

Throughout life, we have attempted to speculate on knowing the truth of whether America is a substantial nation or if it’s a nation made up of a pattern of different political ideas. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln were two similar speakers who wanted to reach a goal to help their society and make a...
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Critical Analysis of Donald Trump's Political Strategies

Trumps withdrawal from the Paris Agreement could be explained through the content of decision -maker beliefs and the operational codes of leaders. The beliefs systems of the decision makers have an impact how they perceive the world and it also affects what choices they take (Beach, 2012: 105). Operational codes research is useful essence to...
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Donald Trump's Politics in Conflicts between US and Iran

Abqaiq and Khurais strikes on the oil processing facilities in Saudi Arabia likely represent the latest in a pattern of actions by the Islamic Republic of Iran to escalate tensions in the Persian Gulf. and the impact of this attack has not just been felt locally. After Iran fired 22 missiles at Iraq military bases...
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Views On Presidency: John Adams Versus George Washington

Throughout the history of the United States, we have had 45 Presidents lead this country. Ever since George Washington became the first president on April 30, 1789, to Donald Trump becoming the 45th on January 20, 2017. George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were all different in their presidency beliefs and structures, but they...

Factors That Determined The Result Of 2016 US Presidential Election

The present text explores various pivotal factors during the 2016 presidential campaign that ultimately led to the election of Donald J. Trump. The paper discusses factors such as communication techniques, anti-establishment sentiments, the rust belt revolt, voter turnout, the authenticity of the election process, scandals, Clinton’s health, and the influence of preceding president’s policies. Though...

Populism In Bernie Sanders' And Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential Campaigns

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 gave rise to significant debate within political science scholarship as to the influence and surge of populism in the United States and throughout the world. Not only do populist leaders often contradict what is expected from a typical politician, but they often can also rally overwhelming support from...
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The Impact Of Donald Trump's Presidency On The US Hegemony

Introduction The United States’ role within the world post-World War II has been one comprised of global leadership, promotion of civil liberties, and the prevention of radical organizations. The United States’ role can be examined by measuring the overall success of past policies and responses to specific international conflicts. Observers claim the Trump administration is...
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