Sharismatic Leadership Qualities Of Quaid-i-Azam

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Charismatic Leadership:

Charismatic leadership are the qualities that influence the subordinate with action and behavior. Charisma is a trait which is associated with leaders. The term charismatic comes from Greek word charis which means grace, kindness and life. Charismatic people are considered as graceful and virtuous. The idea of using one’s charisma, and influence in order to lead, is not a new way of looking at leadership.

Charismatic Leadership Qualities:

Following are the charismatic leadership qualities.

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  • Vision
  • Articulate
  • Sensitive
  • Risk-taker
  • Creative


Being visionary means, being open to chance and the most important is understanding that constant improvement which is required for progress. You have to embark on a road of self-improvement, where you are constantly looking for expanding your skills and learning things beyond the comfort zone. In addition, you need to, listen to other people and you have to understand how their experiences, have shaped them. If you can combine, your understanding of the world with the experiences of others and you can visualise new solutions, and approaches to solving things.

Visionary people are both, dreamers and also doers. You want to spend enough time,to thinking about the world and also the problems you face. But you don’t want to be caught daydreaming while, other people fix the problems.


Charismatic leaders must have to be sensitive in both reading the emotions of the people and also their ambitions. They also be sensitive in showing them compassion and empathy. As a sensitive leader you must be able, to sense the other expectations and also needs in order to properly approach them, with your vision. In short you, need to be able to sense the mood and also be able to adjust to it.

In addition to it, you must also show humility and also show some compassion towards people. When you listen to people, you have to convince them and also you are there to help them anytime and, you understand that what the person is saying actually. Even if you can’t do, what the person might want you to do, you need to be able to convince them, to work in a specific way and also make them feel like their best and best interest as well.

You need to show respect and also empathy towards them. People follow leaders, who make them feel good and also very important, instead of someone, who doesn’t even listen to them.


There are two aspects of articulation, in terms of the charismatic leadership. It simply means to being a better communicator, and also being able to talk about complex issues, to people in a good way they understand it. In the business world, the key is to explain, the why, the how and the when. You need to explain the reason, or also the vision behind the actions clarify, what is needed in order to get to the objective, and also ensure people know how fast, this all should be accomplished.

But the second aspect, of articulation and the communication relates, to the understanding of your subordinates. The Charismatic leadership requires you, to be able to read people minds and select the right motivations, for inspiring them. Therefore, you need to be able to analyze your audience, and also select the right communication style for each occasion for those people.


Finally, the charismatic leaders tend to be creative. In order to be more visionary you naturally need, a healthy dose of creativity. You must be able to think outside the box, in order to create meaningful change in the organization.

Creativity is linked to charismatic leadership’s idea, of strong conviction. You must need to be able to speak with the conviction meaning, that you need to use creative images and messaging in order to get others, to buy into your vision.


As you need to be a visionary, so that you must be willing to take risks as well, because you are trying to obtain a visionary goal which is something transformative and different that you would not have a paved out road, ahead of you. In order to accomplish great things the charismatic leadership, requires you to put yourself on the line.

Risk taking means two things, the first as a leader you are responsible for any problems that might arise. You are not afraid to step out of the way, if things do not work out and also you would not try to place the blame.

But in addition you are not afraid of challenges either. You must understand that each challenge, will have to bring about positive things. Whether or, not you accomplish what you set out to do that. You are ready to give it your best and best shot, because you can see the rewards of accomplishing things. While realizing failure is not the end of the world.

Quaid-E-Azam Having Charismatic Leadership Qualities:

Quaid-e-Azam was a great leader of its time. He was the founder of Pakistan and he was born in Karachi, on 25th of December, 1876. His father was a big merchant of Karachi.

He got his education in the local school. He went to England and then he got admission, into the Lincoln’s Inn. After few years he, obtained the degree of law and started practice as a lawyer in Karachi. Then he tried his luck in Bombay. But in the beginning his practice as a lawyer, was not rewarding. After some time, he was recognized as a distinguished lawyer. He married Ratan Bai.

He started as Jinnah and, developed into the Quaid. His struggle can be perceived in interlinked dimensions which was uniting and leading a nation, negotiating, countering political tricks and leading a new state.

Finally survival of Pakistan was a greater challenge. Our national hero proved it. Pakistan had no army to defend or establishment, to run the government. There was question mark, on the survival of the country. Even he did not get panic. He gave political and constitutional guidelines, for Pakistan and started developing various institution. In his address, the Quaid encouraged the people. He said that Pakistan, had come into existence to remain forever. He worked to fulfill his duties. His iron will be contained in a diseased body. He did not care for his illness, and he died after a prolonged illness. On 11 September 1948, he breathed his last.


A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, and the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion that to listen to the needs of other people.

We indeed are a blessed nation, to had Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as a visionary leader. Who paved way to form an independent nation, for Muslims of subcontinent and to have separate homeland which is now Pakistan. But he worked in different capacities with Hindu and Nehru report swayed him to have an idea of Two-Nation Theory, which he suggested partition on the basis of two separate state. Jinnah’s persona, was a composite of all the key features, of a charismatic leader.


Quaid-e-azam was sensitive towards the people in the way that he was the first person who thought about his people.he made a new Muslim country for those people who were considered as a minority in sub-Continant. Hindus and did not deal them in a fair way and they were deprived of their rights. Quaid-e-Azam could not bear such cruelity going on with Muslims. So he started struggling for a new country for those.


Quaid-e-Azam was a having a lot of good qualities and one of his qualities was that he was articulate. He was a good communicator. He also talks about complex issues that was he was the first person who give about the idea of a separate homeland for Muslims which was very difficult task. He communicate with the people and give his thoughts about the new country.


Quaid had a creative style of thinking. It will be listed in the given example. It about the time when bomby was flourishing and land was sold by height. Muslims purchased a piece of land for the construction of mosque but Hindus purchased land just above there. In this way they wanted to tease the Muslims. Muslims went to Quaid for the solution of this problems and he suggested them to build mosque and leave three feet in the air. In this way he made this impossible for Hindus to construct a Tample. This was the creative idea of Quid that saved Muslims from being teased.


A risk taking behavior is a special quality of leader. Quaid was a risk taker leader. He had taken many risks for the creation of a new state. During his leadership many fights were held. He fight against the leader of Hindus which was Gandhi for the separation of state.


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